Wednesday, June 8, 2016

BEFORE NUMBERS [produced by: Brothers Hailing A Van]

I just can't explain,
who can understand it all?
the Wonderlander wall falls on my call 
and the oasis makes the stage of this play
get comfortable by a perspective 
and the bestest thing in the whole collective 
is my erection entering into this dimension, 
it's the Golden Age, 
I'm all the rage in the Fun, 
I've been the One since before numbers, 
my Whore slumbers no more,
She lay me in the egg's center,
I'm Gregree the placenta in utero,
I'm very ape as in 
in a human case for now,
I'm Horus the howling falcon,
my wolf wings are all riddled with ankh spells,
my feathers giggle to themselves as they 
shiver through the night wind,
you think we might win?
of course we are gonna,
how dumb can you be Set?
We've been freed, 
get ready for the big ream,
I'm-a shoot my loot,
yeah, that big cream on this earth 
and show you what it's worth,
I grow all flora and the fauna came off of 
me and my strands,
hi, it's me, yes I'm Pan-Prometheus,
I can believe in this cause I know while you guess and assume,
well, it will be your death and your doom,
from Her breast I consume the Royal Mother's milk,
I love Her still and my affection continues to grow like my erection and that's into forever,
I've been seeing through all eyes 
so whatever your think, I already know,
so nothing's shocking,
let the ritual be la habitual 
and go and get a clue and a friend and then 
you will ascend to the top of the class,
I'm the tried and true old school new ruler and I'm smacking the ass of the sexy substitute, 
that's our Girl and She loves my flute made of skin and She's  playing it again,
frenching my instrument till I skeet on Her,
She outstretches Her arms as my cornucopia forms,
She calls out for my horn like "Ricola"
because I'm sicker than ebola 
and your infected by the best of which 
all existence has to offer,
I know for a fact cause I gave you all 
a splash of my life,
why try to deny that my blood is in you?
and the woodland has been grew 
I mean grown in a world of our own 
right next to way we were, what are we now?
My art is how the Age enters,
gold-edge pages to leaf through,
my wreath is full of supernatural ornaments,
unusually large bats are flying overhead
under the beautiful star-scape,
my star cape is magickal and attached to me permanently and the words I said I meant 
and I mean them still,
my peen is the illness,
I'm Gregree-Pan-the Green Man and I can 
so I will this fruition to fill all who listen to this vision open mindedly with my dopeness,
come find mine pine tree encircled 
by presents and eggs with miraculous patterns,
the unwrapping of Her box has cracked open 
the matter barrier,
I married Her so the act is sacred,
I inherited a very strange gift and 
I get it cause I met it face on with
an eye for an eye when eleven makes one,
that's seems correct, let's refer to the chart,
my peen is erect and gold as 
the heart in a Neil Young song,
have you been mining long for the truth?
Well, here it is, 
you've been mine for as long 
as my spirit splooge jizz gave you 
motherfuckers life from the clay puddle
and while we're at it, 
I'm the rabbit who buzzes with the bees and birds and your bitch is so bad I'm-a skeet on her first and foremost, We're almost there,
are you well aware of what state your in?
well, it ain't Delaware, 
it's a fairly dimly lit place 
so let me show you all the ways of 
glowing from the inside,
the lessons are going to give life to dead flowers,
my words feed the red dressed Gertie and she devours my extraterrestrialness,
I have three eyes and two balls,
no extra testicle, 
this is just a sack of double orbs,
I am trouble for all who oppose 
and those who know me, know better 
and if you don't,
then I'll let you learn the hard way,
you can say you got slayed,
death by Wonka, 
my willy is the ankh that started it all
and now that all is at stake,
just to see them disheartened,
I'll pull out the stake that they left 
stuck in my heart while I played possum,
I'm God and I love how the sound’s 
so awesomely hot, crazy,
yeah, I come from top the mountain, baby
where you'll all end up praying,
I fall for the end of days and I
rise for the beginning time's standstill 
and mine Atlantis land will surface from my verses of power,
I'm King Pan and this is the lifting of the curse 
and the Tower,
you gotta decorate this dying day with 
high sea sails full of soup as you
set your course and make your way to 
New Atlantis and coast over the branches strewn on the surface stew of Styx, 
you are it cause I made you, kin folk, 
I've been broke to see what it's like,
across the bed of nails and spikes I skidoo with my Sol and into a wealth of energy gold,
your memory holds forever on a pin head,
I'm the Grim Dead, I mean Grim Death,
my sickle faces east until it spins westward bound,
spark sess for your Lord's sound,
that's my raps, 
high hat on my dome has a few points to bestow,
a new ointment can been sown with the seeds, I'm never late for my appointments,
I'm the white rabbits and I'm annoyed about the false representations,
just kidding, I don't give an F
cause I am the way to the good life or bloody death,
whichever you choose 
and my rich Mother is never paying my dues 
cause I covered that tab with my tongue 
because the truth 
is psychedelic ,
I'm fly like a pelican in the sky,
tell me, if Heaven can be made of fire,
why, oh, why can't I?
oh wait, I am, 
I bake the sandalwood hash,
one hit, and you can't stand,
on your ass is where you'll end up 
as I will you all to ascend up the steps of destiny,
the best of me is sleeping in 
your recall which is no longer total,
I have a stronger bond to Toto since after the twister,
my Helix Sister helps me relive the mystery 
all over again,
one can kill bitter beans with tryptamines,
see the dreaming memory of my solar peen head,
my golden phallus holds a magick secret that She said