Wednesday, June 8, 2016

NEATO FUN THING [produced by: Agent Dale Lidell]

Playing funk Motown to the mirror,
NWO Tom, I am the major one 
named Neo Sun King 
and the neato fun thing about it 
is everything I bring to the table 
and if you doubt, you'll die,
I'm out of the eye of the storm 
and Im flyer than a Pterosaur with a silent p, 
I am He, Harpocrates, I'm not modest,
We exist, look at me and listen to Nothing 
as it has its way with Fantasia, 
I'll make you fight back,
bring your light back from 
the dark side of moon river,
truth slithers to and fro 
so spark the orange and blue haired purple dro,
the story is a true tale, not a tall one,
it's a mound and the sound is on the level,
I fall from the ledge where the running water blends with matter to make dreams come true,
the fields of green I grew,
do you agree?
I knew that you would,
I'm so happy you could finally see things from the ill perspective,
I'll lighten all loads with bright skeet from my gold erection,
the time is 8:11,
you'll find I made a Heaven out of Fun things, 
my alumni wings fly under and over all obstacles, 
I'm God and still iller than all as the 
filaments start to illuminate again,
no, you humans ain't the sinners, 
I'm the Winter Werewolf of Summer,
my Hare grows on Easter
as I hop to the beat of Set's fear-riddled heart,
while I giggle and part the ocean, 
I see Atlantis alive and well,
connect to Kansas,
the five note bell plus a two dollar bill 
is rung up at the register for free,
they're giving me the evil eye,
such fuckery,
No more teacher's dirty looks
cause I ripped out their eyes,
Gregree and the enemy envies my style,
they attempted to bite it like bedbugs 
but I fumigate,
I'm Doom and I wait for no ones "ok",
3's in the looking glass,
triple times over the dividing line in the sands of time, 
I'm Pan and mine tree grows ever stronger,
I'm never wrong for the Rare Card makes it so 
and they way this goes will surprise and delight, 
use intuition, inner-vision,
make a left and turn right,
burn alive, it's a sure fire way to die 
if you dare to try to play the game in the way 
of the dark hearted,
mine is made of purple light, 
my cock is made of gold so I can write 
my name in the snow 
and the stream is $$$ urine,
the money is coming with a catch,
it's funny how my magick works,
it's the invisible church that keeps on giving,
they killed me more than a handful of times
but I keep on living,
high on dank leaf haze cause frankly,
I do it my way,
my horns and beak are displayed in the sacred fighting stance,
that's why I make Set frightened,
shiteing in his pants,
that means shitting,
I'm God incarnate, no I'm not kidding, 
it would be a shame to wait till this is over 
before you finally awake to smell the clover,
don't bloom late, 
there's a room placed next door for 
the chapter's advancement, 
I'm the Raptor King, 
Dancing Fool like that Zappa track, 
I had a nap and now I'm back to 
sack the fake ones,
my magick makes Fun show it's beautiful face
while I endow with Sol Love the whole human race,
surrey with a fringe on top for 
me and Sweet Georgia Brown,
peep the crowned Peach,
damn, She's hot!
that's my Princess,
She's been fucking my amazing and 
enormous dick peen so huge since way 
before nineteen-tickity-two,
you can get the splooge as well,
do you feel the swell in the evening gust?
the night wind is pushing the daisies backwards with my rap words