Saturday, July 16, 2016

TRIPLE TIME [produced by: Kered Sonimod]

Lesson learned

as Tessel churned and stirred the cauldron

and saw in at the situation
and when all three Witches began to speak triple time,
the ripple lines made a sweep across the room,
dusting it clean with a bristle from the very first broom,
flying as all mine vine berries burst into divine bloom,
I'm King and this period begins at high noon,
you'll see with the eye in your mind then you'll be hip to the square dance,
my rare antlers go buck in seventeen brackets,
you've never seen magick like this before or ever will again
for I am Horus-Gregree,
yes, be sure I am him, the Grim Reaper,
peep there is none above me as I hover over head in my craft,
I'm feeling mellow, feeling good like a swell fellow,
hello, time to cheer, I am here, 

now where's my spiritual cash? Fuck you pay me,
I’m Dionysus, the new Boss, same as the old one,
who do you think makes the wine house full?
It’s not Amy but I'm doper than her blood stream,
no disrespect, actually it’s the opposite,
she’s pals with me, I call her Valerie,
I allowed her be one of my Valkyries,
My name is Odin, the Father,
not Damian but I am known by another title,
I'm Gregree King of the ill omen,
my will is open ended victory,
it can be Christmas Morning every day,
candy cane name tags, feeling mirth filled,
I'm Mythra and the hearth is burning the wilted petal,
it looks a lot like melted metal,
this will end well for me and Her and you can be sure that 
my Family is safely under Her canopy,
my cape reads “G" as the super seeds I shoot from my golden flute 
seep into the soil of your soul 
and magickally attach to the fact of the matter
that human minds can't grasp without the mathematics of the Adder,
let this slither addition help you in your mission,
I will assist through this transition,
I've been made into the vision of my Former,
my horns are twisting wildly as they grow extending like wild tree arms,
your girl is a sweetheart and that's why I love her,
she's wonderful especially when her mouth is full as she giving my lumber a hugger
like her lips are a ring of hippies chicks 
because the lyrics I spit are really sick 
as you can see and hear,
yes, I am Him and I'm really here,
Pumpkin-Head dead Pan, Wizard of sizzling truth,
twist your helix with Us, We are US blues,
I’m Uncle Sam, that's who I am, I've been hiding out in a rapper,
I'm the old Satyr with young features, my genes are dazzling,
putting on the Ritz, here comes the Creature, it's a mitzvah,
I'm from the Pit of Despair which I repaired up real nice,
now it’s place of unmeasurable pleasure,
We're from the Paradise Planet,
I'm Rocky and your Janet is a muscle fan and she’s vocal about it,
for I'm Quetzalcoatl and my robes are the hottest,
I am Adrian and the rose Mary came to place on my headstone
unlatched me from underground boxing ring
with the shimmering sound of the living dead tone,
now I'm Abraxas the unlocked barnyard cock King,
my name is El, the God,
I'm made of gold,
my grave was under the sod
now I'm off cause my coffin is so vacant,
don't you hate when wack fucks act tough?
Guess what? I’m back and what's funny is that 
my dark night Bat power grows strong when it's sunny,
We are not joking but I'm laughing hysterically,
my dope somehow got on this side of this plane from a place ethereally speaking of course
and since you asked nicely 
yes, I'm Horus dead no more, 
I’m the Predator Alien,
I’ll slash your life like it’s half price
and then weigh a feather on the scale,
We are the last light and the first night,
yes, I'm the Ancient Olden 
and my golden phallus will burst right 
in the face of the whole race of humanity,
who can see what's happening inside this rapping King?
I'm the Dapper Dan, Satyr Pan,
tribal tat on my sack looks a lot like a Celtic knot,
decipher the woodland secret code and know it translates to
“you should  just lick and suck my cock”,
my jizzum harkens you to listen up 
with a pearly spray making a swirling flood,
you hear what I’m saying with my words 
till you heard then you’ll be good,
my AM wood sings out for satisfaction like the Rolling Stones,
yes, I’m Bacchus and I always get mine and on that, 
you can bet your life so with fun delight go roll the bones,
I got game like Tyson's punch out so don’t get hurt,
I’m rockin out to Iron Maiden wearing my death metal sweatshirt
with the sharp inside, the hood is thorny,
I wore it as I collected all the junk in the yard
and made it sparkle like new with all my heart 
as I erected for you this Good Morning