Sunday, June 11, 2017

ABRAXAS [produced by: The Yellow Peppers]

I am the Jedi Knight,
I took the red eye flight
in the dead of night,
"wedding white" ain't my Bride's color,
 it's red as the blood that covers 
the soundscape,
the ground tastes fertile and now
I make Her will bloom into fruition,
I'm Abraxas the laughing God,
I think I'll rabbit hop into a half full pot 
of Easter Love and cheer,
I'm the crazy hare made of magick,
pure gold is my carrot,
here, hold my hard rod,
it's the yule log and you'll see 
the whole barnyard agrees, 
so come for the feast of corn and grain,
the storm is saying perfect phrases as sure 
as La Luna has Her certain phases,
the bacon tastes like slaughter, delicious, 
what is this tall order that grew from 
all your wishes on my Morning Star?
There's no distorting our frequency,
I'm Horus or call me El and kiss my D,
might as well reach the peak and see the view 
as I renew all subscriptions on the house
now three times over,
look and listen and uncover your mouth,
the lucky lesson is a hoot and unless the risen Sun blends with the Moon,
then an event like this couldn't happen,
let's live it up cause this is what it's 
been all about,
I've fallen out of the heavens,
I'm Abaddon and I'm hell bent on 
calling on the familiar Sols,
I will you all to ignite in the midnight hour, 
it's when my Love comes tumbling down and another thing, 
the nouns and verbs compound and merge,
the sounds can surge if listened to right and correctly,
look directly into my iridescent blue light 
and let it affect thee in a positive way,
I'm the negative creep playing my 
divine radio in your head space,
I'm Gregree with a G that's a capital and my rapid ill, I mean my fast fresh will see the last death and the new birth,
I am the risen Abraxas Pan and I christen this patch of land New Atlantis, 
held hands, two Earths,
one unseeable, I'm too busy being the Truth,
there's no time so I'm not trying to be agreeable,
are you seeing the loot pour out of the one armed bandit?
Unhand me, don't you know who I am, damn it, Anakin Luke Rocky Raccoon, 
alive and well,
the living star of Gideon's bible revival,
call me Fievel cause it's an American tale and somewhere out there is over the rainbow,
it's just under the spilling luster light show of the full Moon's pale glows,
look at Luna,
my luminescent innocent bad bitch, 
She's the feared Ho,
except at the moment I got Her in a happy mood cause I'm tapping Her poon with
my erect golden cock,
my hard wire connected to that Fire Fox, 
inside Her letter box is the E I mailed Her
across the universe state lines,
oh my wait, that's illegal,
but I am Abaddon 
so I don't give a shit for I'm the Seagull
named Johnathon Livingston,
I am the nameless Moonchild living Sun who drank endless rain out of a paper cup,
now words come flowing out at breakneck speed, no you can't make this up,
I finally got back from my trip,
hi y'all,
into Her ajar pie hole go all my flying cock pits,
I mean seeds,
I'm Pan the glowing sprite 
my Wife is blowing my pipe, growing my tree, 
leaving me with a bright grin as the night wind plays the row of reeds,
They dedicated this Saturn song to me,
the regenerated Satyr Faun,
so if your soul doesn't dance,
then you better run and go fast to
Gnosis and if you get a clue,
then I promise I'll go through the process with you, 
my Abraxas beak is golden speaking with seven tongues, 
older than time,
forever young Frankenstein,
not Frankenstein,
I'm God and I ain't got no body Igor 
but I sure puff the dankest green