Sunday, June 11, 2017

ANIMAL HOUSE [produced by: Boogie]

Here in this Animal House,
there's a cannibal mouse 
slipping mickeys to itself,
that's kinky as hell,
they think We can't tell the tale 
in the way of truth,
well, I have to say that you're extremely  incorrect and 
then slash and slay you with my golden peen so erect permanently 
so let me squirt on the teet of the Holy Mother,
there a whole bowl of butter 
for this one piece of toast,
lets click the magick glasses three times and cheers with more wine,
oh yes, its a war of the roses,
a roast for the gnosis suppressers and I'm the MC, I can be friendly or a killer,
however I will myself to be,
I'm the Mill Wheel Elf spinning your code,
I'm grinning and all my Cheshire teeth glow like white in the black light,
I'm Death and We are one heck of a check off the big bucket list,
We have been forever here and 
other places before that and into the Mystery,
slither with my Sister and me 
or is it Sister and I?
Whatever, just wish on our exquisite 
star in the sky,
We are Venus Saturn,
We can pattern your strand,
oops too late it's already done,
you're now rising to a higher state, 
new Atlantis has finally begun,
or is it began?
Either way, it's beginning to be risen 
so now you must eat my meat,
no vegan,
seek and destroy with my skeet 
so enjoy the pearly treat,
the earlier We finish the damn thing 
the dawn will begin again with a Big Bang, 
large ring, listen up from down underworld
I'm crowned Pan,
the horned and Christmas holly head and 
very merry jolly King,
here to let it be said,
that you were all born with every thing already,
with riches so heavy it could never be carried,
made of light,
might I say famous and a name with 
power built in,
Our towering Tree is never wilting,
I'm not Melville but your girl calls me " Moby Dick",
you can know me with your hidden memory,
I am him so come with me 
and be released from the chains of need,
now see the change in the tides 
and swim the sea,
look alive and finally begin feel the free