Sunday, June 11, 2017

FULL CIRCLES [produced by: Yello]

I'm God,
whadda ya know,
top o' the morning to ya,
I'm the Govna' who put the blood in ya,
Feel the  sunshine in my flow, 
Yeah, I have come on time with my ill,
still the best, none the lesser,
I'm Sibyl's personal Shepard,
She's my boo so beautiful,
I'm moonlighting on Her behalf,
at Her behest,
so roll a doobie of the purple and green sess cause it's my day off,
did I already say that I am him?
I'm the Teacher, Sun King,
learning ya, words are Fun,
high on kind leaf,
Hi, I'm the Grim Reaper
and I'm turning you on like the dead man I am,
We're turning on a pin dome,
my kingdom is a Hell raiser,
the bell has a crazy zig zag crack because 
my Liberty is back,
so twist and shout then twist the loud and 
spark up the Big Bambu' 
like your igniting large panda food,
I'm Pan the blue skin billy goat,
I'm really dope times forever,
my shining feathers are the sign that 
this is never gonna stop until I reach the top,
I'm made with peach flavor, I got the moxy,
so next I squashed the red orbs,
now I got the Motts from that Tree,
I give words that have to be felt
and your soul knows that I'm God,
yet you haven't knelt,
no matter,
you know it's better to worship one's self ,
I'm the Sun Elf King and I'm so fly,
why do my wings fall? You ask,
well, it's so I can walk to Ball to fulfill 
the task of the Ages,
I'm Bacchus and my grave is empty,
now, I'm the first Werewolf 
ascending the circular stair of 
all the Gods and I've finally reached 
the top of the Tower and after levitating up seven miles a second I reckon I can see my scales in Libra from here 
and they slither wonderfully through the 
tunnels of T-I-M-E,
I am He and as you are me and 
we are all together now,
hello, my pole is bright gold,
it looks quite yellow,
I flow from under the dream in my submarine,
here, you can suck my huge penis
and I won't be a Blue Meanie,
I mean it's a celebration after all,
school's out,
Rooney's down for the count for I'm 
Dracula Bueller and I'm back to 
fulfill Her will for Fun and
fuck up the whack suckas and then
pluck up the best of you
and give our blessed crest to my brood, 
my breed, my blood of ill so blue 
bleed forever through you,
my crew true, I appreciate all you do,
I gnash my teeth and taste the forbidden brew,
it's a given, I'm Horus the risen,
the chord has seven variations 
and must be played to the T,
that's how I do,
so I plowed your boo and slayed her v hole,
so grieve her twat cause I killed it when 
I skeeted my God illness into her soul,
now in full circles We cum,
I'm schooling you,
get splooged by the sack 
of the nutty professor, 
so slurp on these and lick them,
I've lifted the Moon on my back,
hey, what did you expect from me, 
King Hercules, so gifted I am,
I grow the living vine with my power jizz,
I'm giving time acknowledgment
to show you that it's just a college, kids,
you must graduate, level up,
I don't care that you're late,
I'm just glad that you made it,
now let me use my ill and fill your empty cup,
I'm Olympus Puck,
oh wait a sec, who the fuck you calling
Little Zeus?!?
I surpass my former and the noose on 
my ankle fits much weller,
I mean better,
my Love is stranger than Peter Sellers,
hellz ya, it's da bomb,
flight of the Parliament,
Scarlet's my darling,
She fell into my pocket with my car keys,
look at all the stars on my soul or 
are those shoe diamonds, 
I'm Eshu and it's a fine thing that I'm 
getting you ready,
I'm letting you in on a piece of the secret,
so open the cabinet,
my Bad Bitch was unbelievably swelteringly sexy at our wedding in the nexus of magick,
the dreamland, imagination, 
the place where We make the toys and games,
my workshop constructed these words to hop off the page and run,
I'm God and some of my names are 
the Son, Pappy, the Rabbit and the Wolf,
I am the last one and the first
that's why I took my big dick 
and gave a fat burst to your bad chick