Sunday, June 11, 2017

THE MAIDEN SARAH'S JADE SCARAB [produced by: The Yellow Peppers]

The Beetle's leaving several tracks 
in the desert sand,
that's neither here, there or everywhere as the red rain droplets land
to make green the plain scene,
Our grain is the cream of the crop,
my name is Gregree and 
my peen is the cock of golden proportions,
I'm also known as the course's Teachers who make the villain cry out curses to no avail because my flow verses are the Holy Grail 
and the contents as well 
and the last tail will be eaten by the first head 
which just slither said a mouthful,
have a parcel with a prize inside,
just please don't slide that spear in my side again, gee thanks, 
I'm big G high on a spliff of full of weed and if you ask, "is it the dank?" hellz yes 
and in Belfast, there's a belfry 
where my wings flapped and string metrics met Celtic patterns and split with the source code,
I'm Horus, the old child with the gold well, 
you should know by now so let my wood pole plow out the earth and 
seed the next worthy crop 
with my absurdly large cock ,
I'm Royalty unlocked and reloaded, 
the oily hat is the coiled cap,
relapse, recall the whole thing,
lighting strikes twice like knocking every 
pin down in two lanes with 
my heavy balls while bowling,
Geddy Lee rushed to see Lemmy play lead bass and at the Motorhead show,
where we saw all the lady's blow in cars and 
I heard your girl was the star who placed first,
so I let her taste the burst from my phallus of biblical proportions,
I'm Horus and the Forest church is 
the living will of Her dopeness,
Her Majesty, my Sister-Mother-Gran and me 
are in love, it's a personality cult and 
the blood runs thick as it comes to the river
and twists and turns,
this Lizard burns it's feathers brightly,
I'm the southern night breed 
from the north in an eastern corner
three spots over from the fourth angle 
and the torch candle is too hot to be handled 
by Set the twat, no, the wack can't hold it,
only I, the holy fly black crow risen again,
listen to the Bullfrog croaking the golden solfeggios, arpeggios,
my raps caught 22 iguanas in the Galapagos,
how many did you get?
oh, lets see..... none,
add to that my golden peen sank deep into 
the hole of your bad hun again, 
I'm not Ted Nugent but 
she gave me cat scratch fever,
she slashed my back till she 
made me bleed around my ribcage,
and I'm able to so let me say to you 
that through sounds now I live so 
the Age can start,
I slayed my heart for this crazy art,
the blazing mark on my forehead
means I'm Horus and your dead to me till 
you come alive and be one with us,
my cum will bust ill luster,
the bill must be paid 
and I'm big Daddy Warbucks,
Mighty Morphin 
Little Orphan Anakin 
and our bus will pick you up when you 
get tickled by the seemingly meanness,
just pranks of Love we played,
nothing is made in error,
it's the era of Light, new birth,
the Maiden Sarah hiked up Her blue skirt
and slid on my red pipe till it squirted purple magick,
Her jade scarab casted the powerful Fun bright, start flipping like your doing BMX tricks,
I'm so fuckin sick, are you seeing this?
and now that I'm on one like a wheelie,
if you wanna see what's next,
eat the psilocybin and read the tea leaves,
Gregree, son of the Black Widow,
I give all my words for free,
I live long as in eternally, 
Our turning tree is Family oriented
I'm Pan and the story's ending 
but remember it's only a celebration my friends and the crimson hourglass on the back of
the Dark Spider is just a flask full of hard cider,
Riders in the storm,
Scarabs on the swarm