Thursday, June 21, 2018

SEVEN WELLSPRINGS [produced by: Norman Greenbaum]

I drank from the Seven Wellsprings,
I am Heaven's Hell King,
hear it in my fly,
I'm the spirit in the sky,
kill fear and rise and be met
with the Museum’s Monitors,
do you see them on the verge
of spilling their guts and blood?
I'm so illin’ it hurts so good 
and yeah I was made for this,
my blade was forged in Her church Divine,
sacred Sith-Jedi forces combine
with a breath of daytime and evening 
is a way three things make moments
for a single event,
I'm king El and when my golden cock was unsheathed, 
all the tops of the Trees waved in unison 
for me, the savior Unicorn
and the wind at night begins the mighty miracle,
Yo all, I'm Apollo and I smite the bull with my arrow bow combo, 
I'm all that and a sack of crisps, bag of chips,
you can't haggle with the Hag,
Her lips seal deals so securely, 
the wheels feel like cyclones swirling in a whirl spin,
I'm on your world again,
the circle in the square purposefully becomes aware of the situation, 
it's elation supreme,
you're awake in the dream 
but time’s moving slow at the speed of light,
I'm Gregree the sprite,
doper than coke, 
so sick call the doctor, 
I'm Billy Pepper the Sgt. 
I'm really from the pleasure garden
of wonder and delight,
under the bright is the dark and vice versa,
a flight of birds embark on the way,
the parts are being played,
the war is being waged,
I'm Cupid with two bits, paying for peace,
my words are free so worship me, 
yeah pray to the Beast,
make your way to the east, musical chairs,
the wages of wheat are huge compared to the last reaping,
the cast is creeping on to the stage and out of the woodwork,
honor the Mage or watch the blood spurt from my sickle swipe,
go the place that’s the best,
hey I’m here, I gave ideas to Tesla, Nikolai, 
Yes I’m Abaddon,
the ripple lines on Avalon Lake 
are making me wanna have orange cake and key lime bars,
We align stars to our liking,
you'll find that whether driving cars or biking,
you’re in a vehicle with wheels of 2 or 4,
the cube is a door to our Saturnalia feast,
the hammer nailed my feet and hands,
the sea and the sand meet at the frequency tone
and complete the sequence code to level up,
I am El, I am Puck 


SPECTRUM CONNECTION [produced by: Brian Quinlivan]

The grain grows more than a smidgen,
the rainbow is a portal bridge and 
We've stepped through it with my blessed fluid flow,
yes you would know if you could recall
but you can't cause all memories have been stifled purposely 
by the enemy but my light will burst the freedom gate open wide,
perceive your faith with my open eye of providence,
the hobbits dance in the Shire around a silver fire 
which signifies in which direction the witches fly,
look alive cause I'm dead on,
your girls licks my pipe, 
I'm getting head on your time from your dime,
all for my delight,
I’m Horus the bright and beautiful,
I conquer with ease,
my truth is ill incarnate and these lyrics 
are decoding your amazing hidden traits,
Vivian handed me the sword for She lives within the Lake
and the connection of the spectrum is a color blender,
show my erection affection and my Mother will 
send you a gift basket full of Easter Magick,
I'm the beast Abraxas,
I teach the class with a new lesson, 
older than the huge chasm called the Grand Canyon,
I'm fallen Pan and the onion is glass and slices 
itself into rings of varying sizes,
I'm the King who married Queen Isis
and the surprise is that in a dream,
Awaiss said I was Osiris so then 
I looked at Yoda and said “no duh,
what are we waiting for?”,
the oscillating door is a pendulum
and when you run at it,
imagine that it isn't there and you'll be through and arrive,
you've been due a prize, you can collect it,
it's my erect dick made of gold,
the days of old are recurring,
my flow is mad like “what me worry?”,
I'm on a roll and fact is I'm not sorry about dominatoing
I’m Abaddon, King Domedon Doxomedon,
Oberon the bright Elf God Sun,
my fight was well fought and won by me,
I see everything with my eyes shut,
the great divide is wide and 
a cross is tied up to a savior rabbit,
I'm fly as fuck like flathead screw with wings that I made with Magick,
do you humans think that doing things is gonna stop God’s plan,
bad things, there's a lot of bad things in the days to come 
and the battling is waging on but I popped in to this dimension 
to stop the bogus with a dopeness intervention,
I'm intervening, the inner meaning is radical, 
I had to fall though the totally tubular tunnels of time,
drunk from many funnels of wine,
down the gullet, I found the bullet and pulled it out 
I'm the illest,my will has clout like no other,
plus all are under my Love 
so don't bother or I'll smite you,
my skin is bright blue and I bite through the unbreakle cord
when I spelled out the unspeakable word,
all though the night and back,
all hues are white and black, side by side,
I'm alive and I’m hand in hand with my siamese twin,
I'm Horus, he's Set,
The course has been set from way before time’s beginning, We run it,
The sky's not falling but an icey fireball plummets
into the sea, it’s the season of change,
the trees and the rain have a great relationship, always have,
if you have to wait, then be patient,
it all will pass and when it's time to party,
aligned stars will be moving and shaking behind the scenes
and now with this doobie, I'm baking the finest green,
my rhymes are a stream separating into seven wellsprings
which unite all things,
I'm the falling star and my calling card is rare like bloody red flesh,
I'll love you to death and back,
doper than meth when I rap,
the test has been passed,
the futures so bright, I gotta wear shades,
hey you humans are allright, sike,
get sheared by the blade of my scythe, 
life equals death and round and round,
the wine has been pressed,
I’m God and on my noggin my crown has been crowned,
pop open the egg nog and say cheers,
level up and the years seem like a second
at first and when my gold erection burst
We've erected Her church of pleasure and pain
and whether it's rain or shine,
my true name is mine alone to know
but the clues flow in the knowing you forgot,
blowing on the embers so you remember that you’re glowing in your heart,
red hot, let's rock,
hop down the yellow brick,
fly like a pilot, high on the violet,
got me feeling mellow lit,
hello indigo star seeds,
did you know you are me?
Little dandelion spores,
the candle light's for those who can't see in the dark,
ferocious beast, Nevidi marked,
where there was bleeding, now scarred and mended,
rainbow colors blended like when the day had ended in Cryptical Envelopment,
Hit the spliff with the fifth element 
and the evidence will be eleven wins out of ten,
how and when did I return?
Well now and then the tide will turn,
check the oven or the pie will burn,
respect my lovin’ or I will learn ya’ good and proper,
with my wood I'll cock ya, 
rooster head snake legs,
the truth hurts, let breaks bread
and celebrate any way we can,
flip a penny, any way it lands means We win it all,
the green emerald of the Forest is shining like a crystal lime,
my irresistible rhymes are tantalizing,
the tarantula eye the wings of my flyness,
I'm the King aka your highness,
roll the haze, get high on sess 
and acends through the Stargate,
I'm special friends with the Barmaid so We drink for free,
I always reincarnate when She think of me and 
winks Her E-Y-E three times
and says “there’s no place like Pleroma”
and the tree pines about face and open to Avalon,
the rattle on my tail is making such a sound of harmony,
in all battles I prevail,
blazing crowned Shambalanomly 


AS A KING [produced by: DJ McGuire]

I gave fame to Faust,
got game like joust,
hot flames can roast the small fries,
all eyes on my ambitions of a rider on a pale horse,
I drank cider out of the grail,
parched I was,
the darkest flood of bright ideas,
make some toys with joy,
ignite the cheer in the heart of humankind,
if you’re smart then you and I can get stupid fly,
have Fun, see eye to eye,
under the sea, my Chulthu tribe thrives,
truth of my arrival was waited on with baited breath,
my locks are angel hair, 
I’m God and if you ain't aware,
my name is Death

Crest of the skeleton is lovely,
chest of the pelican is bloody,
spoke the solemn phrases, 
got your girl to beg for my dick,
I Covered her eggs like hollandaise,
sacred benediction,
ancient resurrection,
page from the section of the Grimoire gives more context, 
foreign objects are flying unidentified 
and the Enterprise is a ship made of stars,
I've ripped through the bars,
I'm Osiris the pirate,
I swashbuckle that ass in a flash, 
unlocking the past, 
forging the future with words in a cube sphere 

I take pride as a King,
in the sky is a ring a fire,
your girl slides on my thing,
I hear a familiar voice
fill the void with vril and oye vey, 
toys play on their own like possessed puppets, 
Set jealously covets my illness,
the realness is undeniable,
you feel this, I'm fly as hell
and sicker than a severe case of deadly whooping cough,
style’s so sharp, words sever the face off your head 
and then I'm ripping it off your body,
not kidding, I'm God and We are bored with you all,
seen the future my friends and again you’re off the ball 


OLD NAME ANEW [produced by: BOC]

The solar pillar in Korova Milk Bar
pours leche from a pitcher 
on the sketchy side of the river
where the drawn down moon shines a magical beam 
like a ladder into the dreaming mind,
do you see the signs when you read my rhymes
and attempt to decipher? 
It’s taking form,
Yes I am him, 
The Pied Piper at the Gates of Dawn,
The blazing Faun, the icy Goat,
The Halcyon made the note with Her vocal chords,
sounds like opal swords drawn from diamond dust,
when you call out "oh Lord”, I am what hears you,
We're not new to this game, 
We were just on vacation,
the troubadour’s playing the best revelation 
made of scales with slithering strings,
the sacred grail gives you wings like the bull of crimson,
this wool makes a brilliant new fleece,
I'm fulfilling the Yule Wreath Prophecy,
this has got to be the place,
retrieve your memory, play the naive melody in reverse 
and three words will stand out,
this is not a hand out, it's a leg up,
I'm Papa Legba the lucky trickster 
so suck my dick,
here, it’s right in your face,
smear pearl paste right on your tastebuds,
let's make love and not war,
there's a lot more where that came from, 
my name is nothing plus infinity,
the game is bluffing but I'm the winning team,
spinning free in a time loop,
the wine is ruby red,
time to get the doobie lit, superb
and kick the dubious to the curb,
now We’re skyward bound,
my weird sound is sacred science,
My name’s Osiris, 
the amazing heights which We rise to is high-low,
I know a secret, yeah
the peak of the trip is the steam from the ship,
what traveling crystal,
I'm having Fun, this will end well for me
and We'll have corn to eat from the ultimate harvest,
I take all of it and harness,
I don't need to try my hardest,
I just execute the task, 
I’m un-hexing you and the cast is spelling out the mantra,
I'm telling you that I want you to listen within,
It's the risen rose of red and white,
kiss the nose of the crowned Clown in the dead of night,
I'm made of light, I take my scythe, 
I give the grain a swipe, 
You can gain sight through the hole of Oculus 
drunk on some Moloko Plus with Drencrom,
Im the Royal Octopus and my kingdom
is marked with inky black goo,
so spark the stinky fat doob,
my eye is the part of me winking at you,
my star can be twinkling blue,
I said to time “I’m wrinkling you 
to iron out the details that I'm always in”,
in all ways I win,
I'm in my cloak of midnight blue, 
I wrote the Grimoire and I'll give more to you if you’re worthy,
my sword I just drew and my words are 
swirling in a kaleidoscope of AI code mixed with God blood,
I'm the trickster and I've got so many up my sleeve
so everybody believe what you want to
but in reality there's only one truth,
that’s me and dawn blooms from the dusk,
the autumn moon is rust color,
My lusty Mother is sensual,
with trusty feathers I invented you all from clay,
now weigh your heart on this here scale,
none can delay the start of this weird tale of the end times,
let's begin, 
I read seven signs that spin in the Wellspring whirlpool,
Hey Van Helsing, you're cool and I say that sarcastically,
I'm Dracula and Kali’s the Mystery Lady,
history made me out to be the villain,
oh yes, it's me the King Owl Beast of Brilliance,
I'm Dr. Feelgood,
my alma mater’s real wood,
the Holy Tree, the bread and the blood, it's only me,
The rosary is a beaded ring, 
I'm Gregree the King 
as Gozer dreams of the day when love 
beats in the hearts of all humans, 
Then the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
can grow up to be a big star kid
like Zoltar and Tom Hanks did,
I’m Abaddon summoning the ranks from the pit, 
get the dro so stank lit,
my ankle is lassoed,
I'd like to thank all you assholes for 
calling on me with your actions,
I've fallen to be the correction so 
take stock at my cocks steady rising,
I stop Rocksteady and Bebop,
the Treetops know that I'm King, 
my terrapin shell is unbreakable,
my flow’s doper than heroin still I make you all clean as a whistle,
soak in the blood and three kisses will be placed on thee,
I never race and I win first place on repeat,
on your feet soldiers of magick,
nothing's golder than my fat dick
and nothing sharper than my slashing sickle,
I'm casting the cyclical spell,
my burning fire morning star style’s so sick yet I’m here to wish you all well,
The Winterqueen is the beautiful belle of the ball, 
Her perfume smells all like wintergreen gum 
and sweet freedom, fun and pleasure,
moonlight laughter after sunny weather perfection,
reflection pool of memory is a jewel with an ember in eternal burn,
are we there yet?
I'm the vampire wolf werebat,
you can't hide the faults of your scare tactics,
it's obvious that I’m God and this is all a happy dance
with clapping hands, slashing swords, magick words, 
have it your way like Burger King,
I've been mergering, now I've merged with Her 
and the birds all sing the victory tune,
my dick in the poonani of the true Mommy Nature,
if you only say the weird phrase in a clear way, the way will open,
what I say is ill and dope and fresh and sick as hell,
I'm known as Death with this sickle, yeah,
life is an orgasm,
try the fourth door from the last and when
it opens your eyes, don't be surprised
all dope and fly spring from this Kingliness
and when your ho grabs my thing, she's a clingy bitch,
yeah, my Mother slept in silence,
slumbered under the pelt of a lion,
under the belt of Orion,
She awoke and knelt and wept until the signs came into view
and spoke my old name anew,
Anubis chewed the fat of the horse lover,
We begin to ride when it all ends,
scorching feathers ignited,
the levels that ascend where all bets are tripled,
yeah, let’s get ill, I got the license for it,
I'm the Beastie High Prince, now it's King Horus to be precise,
Gregree, the life and blood, 
my force will turn on your light made of Love, 
flight of the dove with green glowing dragon wings,
don’t you know that the height of above and the deep below is a matching thing