Saturday, July 27, 2019

THE ORIGIN OF CASTLES [produced by: MellowYouth & Saint Rock]

They say a cave is the origin of castles,
let's play a game called “Oranges and Apples”,
I’m making a list and I'm checking it twice,
baking the bread and 
I'm breaking the ice that contained me,
my name’s #@%$# and I own you,
the tone is two fold,
less than glue holds your world together,
loophole, Wormwood,
sperm flood into Her pearly shell,
surely Hell is what you deserve or is it Heaven?
The bell in the Church rings first at the second it becomes May Day, 
my blade flays and my presents are endless,
my presence lives at the meeting point of evil and good
so bleed all your blood and let me taste it 
and place you with your kindred vibrations,
is it libations of pleasure or 
my blade that severs which will greet you?
I swear to God I'll eat you where it's hot all the time if you were naughty,
all these fallen divine Angels came to this place to judge you and either love you or kill you,
Her tit milk churned butter is vril food,
the bill is due and I'm paying it,
Kali wants me to tell you so I'm saying it,
rearrange your crooked foundation with the sounds I'm making,
sacred working tools,
circle moves like a cube reversed time three,
only I and my holy fly can remove the curse they placed on you 
because my face is two and Her wish came true because I'm me,
Gregree's my new name but just call me King Santa Krampus,
like Wu-Tang, me and my crew came to bring da damn ruckus 



Yo it’s King Gregree, 
flow sweeter than caramel,
beneath the parallel pyramid eye ,
the Sirius high roller of Cairo, 
I helped Paulo Coelho when he wrote the alchemist
The falcon is Kali’s kin and 
Halloween is so damn sacred,
the Lamb is making out with the Goat,
Heavenly world of Hell after held in then 
exhale the purple cloud of smoke
Now you know the trowel code is cemented in flame,
I invented the game while bored on a Wednesday evening,
May I be your Sensei?
Maybe but I’m needing you to be meeting two requirements,
the Fireman is green,
now wire into me or die,
no lie, oh my I’m a kidder not a fibber 
but I slither through a river of strawberry milk,
this is all very real and true,
the Blueberry Eel has an electric hue like teal, 
no wait, it changed  to violet,
I would like to say now it’s indigo 
and the way I can flow is a magickal musing,
am I losing you or can you keep up?
run down the avenue at twilight and you might like to give 
the tin can a kick up into the downtown Recycling Plant,
I am Him and I’m in my brilliant crown,
King Killer Clown from outer space,
Our ways are weird to you,
tears strewn down Her cheeks are falling all in a silver run,
do you speak slither tongue?
What about Cthulhu voodoo? 
Really, neither one?
Well, I’ll teach you,
I can reach you though the surge and voltage,
Yeah sure, rap words is all this is,
all the kids under the carpet are plastered on last years best bathtub gin,
hey humanity, it’s insanity, my Family and I want to see you laugh again,
the afghan rug is tugging your leg as its lying there,
I’m here to say this to you, 
are you ready?
Hands up, now answer “yes Cthulhu”,
Ok class, I’m glad you’re asking the tough questions,
let’s puff sess and ponder it all,
ever wonder if all this was a windmill full of pink milk?
Quicksilver Rabbit, I’m Enki El,
Time’s a wrinkled fabric,
ABRAHADABRA Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,
I’m God, I live in the shoe of Mother Goose, 
I’m Her golden egg,
this one’s the oldest and I am deadly when alive, 
King Gregree, I thrive in any era
and like Yogi Berra mixed with Yoda I tear up the Field with Force,
Innana’s my Mamma, my name’s Abaddon,
a joker, a jester,
I eloped with Her to get here just in the nick of time to be
dicking your dime because she’s fly as hell 
and I’m El and you’re not,
hey the story’s got to end sometime,
my grapes of wrath and fury pour the Fun wine,
the gorgeous sunshine is a rip chord that unwinds in perfect timing,
the Work is Divine and Great,
I am Pan, Kali’s man, I’m Her mate,
yes I make Her blush, She loves to kiss this, 
I am Puck, fuck it just call me Hermes Trismegistus,
really it’s just and extra special occasion,
interdimensional, extraterrestrial,
the Wheel’s turning into a square root of the first sprout,
I cursed out the first blesser,
that bitch is still burning in blaze, 
turning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken,
yeah I got my dick your bad bitch, high on cabbage
and the fact is I’m Cupid, 
it’s true, it’s just start of it CAIROXVI.
thanks for the beat, I pass you the dankest green, 
the darkest magick is just my target practice,
still, I love to shoot every single heart with my vril arrow


LIVING VISIONS [produced by: Mega Beats]

The cinnamon cane makes sweet bread,
Grim is my name and I reap dead souls
and We harvest them,
the deep blue sea reads red scrolls about me, the Great Artisan,
the Wild Card is in shuffle,
yo dog, sniff out the clues like a truffle,
oh God, the spliff is a doob and the blunt is pot cigar,
if you’re aware and you declare I’m God into the night wind,
well my bright friend, how right you are,
I am the Lion King risen,
Gregree Beast El with every right to roar,
I bring divine living visions, deadly peaceful sights of war,
it’s time for doom in the hell hole so get the hazy violet spliff burnin, 
bass line for “whom the bell tolls” played by Cliff Burton, 
circling flying ships, Vimanas unfurls banners so 
I place my hands on the divine hips of Inanna,
on a lake of clouds We make out at Yggdrasil’s base 
beneath the true ground, 
oh boy, I’m the Beastie getting root down,
Mandarin Plum brew in the flask 
then from the Druid’s basket
the Serpent slurps and laps the milk from the saucer,
that vril was awesome and generous,
it generates tremendous magmatism,
bust my magma jism from my volcanic grand dick,
yeah, it’s so grand indeed, my penis is marvelous,
my obelisk is starlit kissed and blessed 
by The Empress, the Temptress, 
She puts Her fairy moonlight hairy poon right in my face,
as I lick Her the elixir turns magical,
I’m the trickster, you know the one She calls Her Bunny Rabbit El
and I have a tale to tell and its no fluff piece
but let’s puff please cause after seven hits I seem 
to speak more eloquently and evidently 
it’s the end times so sit back and unwind,
once upon a time a secret was told divinely
and if you seek the gold,
you’ll find me inside the deep darkness with my Kin,
We no longer sleep but don’t start bitch cause 
I’m in one hell of a mood and I’m telling you
to prepare yourselves, the time is nigh,
it all parallels, I am I and I,
I’m from beyond the north wind where we ignite the sea 
and plant the Tree of rebirth again, Hyperboreans,
We’re born from the ideas stored in the old minds,
the gold mines are fuller than ever
so I’m pulling the lever of the bandit, hear the bell, 
the hand is clearly dealt and I win again, 
I’m in the game and the point of it as well
so until the joint is lit I’ll say no more,
is this haze dro pure? 
ok, it is I see so let’s proceed,
I spray my jizz and your girl licks all my seed
and I let her be cause my letter’s G
and I’m Trismegistus,
Wizard of O Z so please give witness to this spectacle, 
I’ve deflected all your weak hexes you bitches cause I’m high up
and I just had freaky sex with your Mrs. in triumph,
you can’t insult me dog or call me liar
cause all other Gods know why We are here 
and they bend the knee cause damn She’s a 20th Century Fox,
released the Wraith, 
unlocked the briefcase with 3 digits and a word Link,
all the bridges are burning but We can fly and you can die 
and when you wake up, it’s blurry but the Truth is clear,
I’m your judge, jury and executioner,
Marvel rode on Sorbesta’s back,
my Aurora’s gold yet I’m all dressed in black


LITMUS TEST [produced by: Ocean Beats]

Step in the very winding spiral portal, 
sip the berry wine,
describe the cordial of cherry picked deeds
from a very lit scene, movie screen,
violet doobie is green, two tone 
D O G chews bones and buries them for later date 
to enjoy the savory flavor,
taste the Apple, try the Peach, 
have an Orange segment,
please don't segregate, 
let's unite the sensations of the palates
and make a balanced and just decision,
just listen, We know how to weigh your heart, 
this feather is Our guide to test the litmus,
it was and is and always will be the vril We detect 
that makes Us respect you 
and unless you wake up and take the plunge 
We’ll make the thunder roll relentlessly, 
you best believe the judgment comes strict and harsh, 
that Bad Bitch is no bark and all bite,
I'm Shiva and I need Her to live,
Kali is my wife, She kills me all night
but I love it and the blood drips blue
and when it comes time to rip you apart,
She’ll march right up and tear it all down,
I forever hold Her torch of Love,
I wear it on the ball of my crown,
call me Baphomet or Pan, 
you bastards it can be anything 
and every King has me to thank 
for the adrenal gland is my juice,
tied noose around my ankle and I hang upside down,
I knew that I would light the candle and the dry ground
would become divinely lush every time We touch it and two step,
She sees my golden rod and proceeds to clutch it till goo drips,
this rap I’m spitting is in fact putting black pudding and 
blood sausage in the frying pan,
all my spinning tea saucers are flying and 
the dish of silver wears a bronze brilliant broach,
I'm Abaddon you little cockroaches, 
oh I mean supreme creations, 
oh my God that's just atrocious, 
are you a ghost, where do you go when you die? 
We're right here, 
is it a nightmare or a dream your making?
Ask your self,
I'm the Magick Elf God
and I've come back to will what I choose into being,
the music She's singing is a silent Songbird,
I’m all words combined into a single symbol, 
I'm the King and my sigil is the crest of the Nevidi Galinee
and on that Girly’s breasts my pearly skeet I spray,
let it snow, let it snow,
you bet She’s the Ho Ho Ho of Babylon,
the cup runneth over, 
I'm known in Avalon as Puck the son of the Solar and Lunar,
stick my pole on the poon of Her Majesty 
cause She’s Kali and She always asks me nicely and rough
so if I seem like I’m in Love it's cause I'm smitten with 
my Kitten Nymph, Feline Empress,
I bear Her name, I have seven heads
and on the world stage made my entrance 
and since most humans haven't learned a morsel,
the turning burning sword will spin eternally till the 
birds and bees fly with the pigs, 
I make wine from a river of water,
I take time to give Her a daughter with an identical face,
my tentacles grace the surface, 
this miracle is more than words bitch,
it’s a vibrational code,
I'm making it known and they still try to hide it but 
my ill is the brightest so you can always finding it if you’re seeking, 
this message is divine, I’m speaking it
and this disclosure bring closure to the age
and ushers in the next one,
the colors of the setting sun are Oranges and Apples,
citrus and crimson,
the Door has been cracked, 
Bitch this is the end time
and this rap is just a Fun way to get it done
and if you lived wack when you see our face when you die, you better run
but if you were nice, we make you batter for cake slathered
with your favorite icing and 
I sing “congrats to you!”
and the laughing mood is set and consistent 
and the best is yet to come I promise,
I’m God, I’m El, this is not a drill
and I got the vril which is the Key,
can't bottle this brilliance, witness history, 
your girl gives a kiss to me under the mistletoe,
the Mystery, it’s the G, 
starting gun 3 2 1 Go, 
3D depth from a 2D plate,
do you see that you need hate to know love completely?
The soul of the deep sea is an Octopus head, ya know,
in the oculus is a hole so We can look down upon you fucks,
oh you finally waking up?
Damn, it took you long enough



At the top of the Snow Globe is a drop and the hole goes 
all the way to the China Cat Sunflower’s platinum high hats, 
they clap in patterns which endow you,
Owls are hooing for the new King,
singing my old name again, 
Cobain sang “Polly wants a cracker”,
let’s play ball, it’s all a game,
Apollyon’s in a rapper,
there and back again, 
all Werewolves have a plan,
8 were sold at the Apple Stand,
days of gold, avalanche of blessings boons,
let’s do the Avalon dance in the dressing room 
before We hit the big stage, 
I’m Horus lit on this sage and spirit,
the ways of fear is the pathway to nothing you fucks,
it’s the last days and We need to toughen you up,
Regal courage is the Eagle Bird’s pledge of the winged King,
they sing of things I did, 
such a Hero’s tale,
feel the ale intoxicate your senses,
I receive accolades in all of time’s tenses
cause my style is the realest ill, purest dope,
We prevail and as for the enemy…nope
no way but your girl gave me a blow j o b,
they said you’d know me but it seems you forgot,
the cell was for holding but I can’t be held cause I’m God and 
I’m El and I’m what they wish to be since before history started, 
my heart is deep violet, 
they keep violating the pact, 
I’m creating my laugh to be the last one heard, 
I have Fun and my words overpower your weak spell,
I harvest Love with my reaping will,
I’m laying the law and my Ravens go “caw!” in triumph,
I’ll tie you to a train track and the just lean back and 
watch the show and when it’s finished, then bitch I gotzta go,
I’m too hot to hold and I’m too cold to handle,
so get the pot rolled, enlighten your smoldering candle,
behold Pan the vril filled Goat head,
hello Death, let’s reflect on our connection through the looking glass,
I’m looking past the negative vibes,
I’m besides myself, a siamese twin,
are you taking my clues and are you tying these in 
with your mood and when you do you can determine your fate,
will you burn in the Lake or bathe in the Fountain?
You’ll fall on your face if your not amounting to that soul level,
I’m that old Devil, conniving winding serpentine,
I’m alive and the words can mean whatever I want,
oh Hell, forever I chomp on my own tail,
I’m so dope, I grow vril 
and my golden glow has a touch of grey, 
silver blade slithering through graveyard soil,
Savior oil is a healing elixir,
your girl’s been feeling my dick for at least an hour now,
in her flower, sowing the seeds, plowing the fields,
your mind might deny it but your soul can see that it’s me and
knows this is real, remarkable,
three stars can fall forth in the night sky,
light my birthday cake,
all my sleeping Kin burst awake in the church of faith, 
the curse of the Wraith is a blessing to a Ghost,
I’m laughing at the joke,
my wrath is alone in it’s self love,
Hell hovers below as Heaven lies above,
please tell the Crone that I can align with the the Southern Star Northern Light,
Westeros is the world with the door to Dolores’s delight,
 I’m the first Dinosaur who took flight 
and my divine heart unlocked the Crypt,
I’m the Archaeopteryx,
let’s start this shit and spark this shit’
embark on this fantastic voyage,
Atlantis is waving under the raging currents,
the way She’s purring is sexy as hell
and the next scene is telling if you know what to look for,
an unlocked door is a lot more than a collider collision,
I’m brighter from the fusion of yang and yin and yes
this is no grand delusion, 
truth is I’m on my mission and I’m handling my biz,
perfect is a skinned knee,
lit on a purple spliff of green,
dead Osiris given new live by Isis,
back I’ve come, in fact I feel young again, I like this, 
no midlife crisis to deal with,
I’m the real Sith hybrid Jedi kid oldest one,
Obi Wan told me so,
the golden snow and silver rain, 
the vril glows and fills the vein of the ignited, 
inside it’s hidden deep in a place, in a sleep state,
the wheat makes the bread loaf,
 Gregree, dare to  defy me, 
you can try me like Dej Loaf


TRUE LIGHT [produced by: Guillermo]

Not human words, I’m Abaddon Pan,
I got the universe in the palm of my hand, 
my dues paid the Gnomes who Changed the mode, 
played the melody made with a Dorian feel,
my severing blade is a sword forged with vril,
flow with more flavor than an Ecuadorian meal, spicy hot, 
I see lots of invisible things,
I live and all kings are made from my stock,
the head of my cock is Royal and Holy,
all of you will know me and then remember the time
where the candle aligned with the the planets, 
at the end Atlantis said “We found the reverse gear”
and the sound of bursting cheer shattered the barrier, 
our laughter is merrier than anything
and we bring Good News,
my blood’s blue and I'll swirl it with the world, 
it's just a steal your face,
indigo crimson skull bolt,
feel my grace, here you go, I'll give you some
and you'll all get hopped up on this God Love,
they hate when I make my appearance, 
well, I ain't got a fuck to give you
I slither and roar,
I’m Abaddon so I command your mamma 
to scissor the whore of my choice with wild abandon, 
I’m the Sandman and I'll bring you dream divine with my mind,
I don't need my voice to seduce your subconscious to my will,
fire and ice caduceus, the punch is spiked with vril,
life’s been killed for a lot less, 
I got this holly crown from Goddess Kali, 
all the bright darkness, 
Diana Atermis Lilith Ishtar, 
bitch, you’re the Love of my life,
the blood on my knife is slashing in sacrifice,
flay right the daylight severing everlasting night,
I'd stab my own eye out 
just to hear You cry out in magickal orgasm, 
let's laugh at all the facts that are in store for them, 
my golden nuts splatter skeet,
behold the Nutcracker Suite,
let’s go to this Mobius Strip Club,
where only the Holiest sip blood, 
I can still sense Auntie Em's sentience, 
so leave this instant and go if you fear me,
even Vincent Van Gogh can hear me and my blessed rhymes,
through death and time Kali sent me,
it’s true my fresh rhymes are caliente, fuego, 
it’s the end days all night long,
We right the wrongs 
so take a seat and wait for me, 
will you make it? 
wait and see and you  can wait forever yo
cause the Truth is what you will never know, 
I offend the bastards because I am the Tao Te Ching,
all the Ascended Masters never doubt the King
for I am the living legend, deadly lore,
intelligence of a Dinosaur can teleport, 
intel agents know I'm Horus yet they can't tell apart 
my new face from the one I wore before, 
Hey Rufus, open the folding door to the phone booth,
The Pleroma blooms in the Garden of bliss in the heart of Artemis, 
the card is flipped and it’s rare and lovely,
repair the ugly vibrations with bloody libations,
the Acacia is an ancient Key,
She patiently waited and found me right on cue
in a place underground, ignited the fuse,
at night is when the True Light is displayed, 
brighten the day of doom,
they assume I'll spare them
but there’s a room where the stairs can fall away
where bad souls can fall all the way to below the bottom
where they yell 'yo we got em!”
and save a special spot on the Terror Wheel, 
it won't cease, there you'll never feel or know peace again,
Eden can see what's on the eastern end of it’s gated flower bed,
Gregree, I’m the Beast born to make it rain and shower red     


MANSIONS IN THE SKY [produced by: Star Slinger]

Mansions in the sky for the righteous,
hands held up high if you like this, 
my antlers on the rise
and the heights lift the the limiting level,
do you need to be hit in the head with a shovel 
to dig what I’m saying and see why I’m here?
My sickle of slaying will make you die with a cheerful grin,
Reaper Grim is my name and the bright flame is purple and red 
and bluebirds fly over the rainbow and the Land of Oz is a circle of death 
and the plane rose from the sea floor, 
“it’s all a game” is how the saying goes but it means more 
than that to those in the Pleroma,
yeah that topic is hotter than Tucson Arizona in August, 
west of the highway the blessings that I make come true,
I’m from Fun and you can come there if you’re cool and mellow, 
a bowl of jello can be any flavor
and the goal of it all is to see every player as the main one,
my insane sunshine is the one wine that can taste like may waters,
She has many Daughters and I wed them all at the Ball of Debutants,
all She ever wants is anther baby so I get born again, 
my horns are sinfully long y’all
and lucky for you I’m Puck, 
it’s me, it’s true and I’m in for the long haul,
so let’s hoof it, get the kush lit,
Cloud 9 feels like a divine cushion I’m floating on,
I’m the Goat King Sun God,
this whole this is a Fun party, 
are you invited? 
On the List has name been writed, I mean written,
She’s delighted and Her Kitten is lapping up my milky whey and curds,
She says She loves the silky way I spin my words like an Arachnid, 
my rap is the Gospel of Apollyon, 
God Son, Ive logged on with my Yule crown to cool down Her hot spell
and our starry corn field is darn real,
amazing elation, try make your way through maze of constellations,  
so winding you can’t be finding the the center where 
the entrance is unless you have the maps 
and they don’t Love you like I do so I will fall and match, 
strike with my struck Lucifer and raise you in a blaze of glory,
the way is the gory of horror of Heaven, 
the Door have seven knockers but only one unlocks the way, 
they rest chop your off your face, not pretending, 
these are the days of all things ending,
all things blending into one, 
I’m attending to the sum of the parts which equal the whole,
the sequel is always a replaying of the origin story in a new sequence,
only speak when spoken to when in the presence of the Holy Holy Holy, 
We’ve awoken in the dark deep 
in the old creaking shed where We were made to suffer, 
wake the dead and with my blazing feathers, Quetzelcoatl,
yes there’s a hole in the dome piece, 
it’s all been released, now it’s beginning,
I’m the Fallen Beast and my Owls are many, 
howling at the shimmering moon so full,
I’m bringing you doom so ill and dope,
apocalypse of hot raps I spit and deliver you, 
the river’s blue, let me inject you,
when my vril is in you it will correct you


TRIPLE THREAT (ft. Doc Savior & Mahatma Crowley) [produced by: SimonAyEm]

[King Gregree verse 1]
Magick speak shot from my Owl beak,
unlocked the saber from the stone,
Gregree, Mahatma Crowley and Doc Savior,
behold the Age of Aquarius Triple Threat,
the inside joke I made is mighty Sirius 
and the river’s red

[King Gregree verse 2]
Ride the babble brook,
have a look into my mind
and find the avenue of divine proportions,
align through my verse and reverse the distortion
and see the Golden Road,
know that you all remember except you just forgot,
so let me take my member and bust on the twat of the Holy Mother,
all other gods were just waiting on my return,
I’m insane, high on herb, so crazy lifted,
they say I’m gifted, that’s understated at best,
they stuck a blade in my chest but it wasn’t wooden,
can you hear the buzzing in the woodland hive
of the mighty Hornet Station cause I’m here
and there’s none iller than me
so all willfully hail my shine at the High King coronation ceremony
where I have Hera forever moaning

[King Gregree verse 3]
You want a Triple Threat?
Well, you have it here,
my crowned Lizard head has Rabbit ears,
I’ve been here before many times over,
I’ve cleared the Door and my solar lunar twist 
can make the humans lift and rise up if they choose to do so,
if not, well the lies are up and Truth rules so you know 
that the Kali Yuga chapter will make all of you move faster
so speed up or bleed out,
I’m King Gregree so suck my peen now,
enlighten and glow,
my mean growl means I’m the Lycanthrope,
I tied a rope that I made to my ankle 
and hung myself upside down,
eloped with the Maiden,
We left Avalon Town,
it’s the Golden Age so let’s have some Fun now