Saturday, July 27, 2019

ADVENTURE [produced by: D-MIC Productions]

See the three layer cake
between asleep and awake,
spark a spliff of herb 
to the dark Cliff Burton solo 
over the bright scale of brilliant metal,
the heavy weight will be Libra and 
the night wails a windy tune
to the Dreamer and in the room of white 
with black curtains hung at the height precise,
the pie will slice and We'll serve it with cream,
some bourbon and I've seen the street called Basin 
and in the case of the bluebird,
the school is a herd of fish and the cartilage 
of the hammerhead is red like cabernet,
the vermillion shark, the brilliant spark,
this slithering fork is tonguing your bad bitch's fat clit with it's vibrating tip,
My name is the Lizard King-Rabbit God,
two pea pairs in a pod,
I'm Hera's chimera and as sure as 
Hanna-Barbera made Tom and Jerry,
I'm Abaddon so Merry Christmas,
pour me a real drink
for this is the real thing