Saturday, July 27, 2019

MANSIONS IN THE SKY [produced by: Star Slinger]

Mansions in the sky for the righteous,
hands held up high if you like this, 
my antlers on the rise
and the heights lift the the limiting level,
do you need to be hit in the head with a shovel 
to dig what I’m saying and see why I’m here?
My sickle of slaying will make you die with a cheerful grin,
Reaper Grim is my name and the bright flame is purple and red 
and bluebirds fly over the rainbow and the Land of Oz is a circle of death 
and the plane rose from the sea floor, 
“it’s all a game” is how the saying goes but it means more 
than that to those in the Pleroma,
yeah that topic is hotter than Tucson Arizona in August, 
west of the highway the blessings that I make come true,
I’m from Fun and you can come there if you’re cool and mellow, 
a bowl of jello can be any flavor
and the goal of it all is to see every player as the main one,
my insane sunshine is the one wine that can taste like may waters,
She has many Daughters and I wed them all at the Ball of Debutants,
all She ever wants is anther baby so I get born again, 
my horns are sinfully long y’all
and lucky for you I’m Puck, 
it’s me, it’s true and I’m in for the long haul,
so let’s hoof it, get the kush lit,
Cloud 9 feels like a divine cushion I’m floating on,
I’m the Goat King Sun God,
this whole this is a Fun party, 
are you invited? 
On the List has name been writed, I mean written,
She’s delighted and Her Kitten is lapping up my milky whey and curds,
She says She loves the silky way I spin my words like an Arachnid, 
my rap is the Gospel of Apollyon, 
God Son, Ive logged on with my Yule crown to cool down Her hot spell
and our starry corn field is darn real,
amazing elation, try make your way through maze of constellations,  
so winding you can’t be finding the the center where 
the entrance is unless you have the maps 
and they don’t Love you like I do so I will fall and match, 
strike with my struck Lucifer and raise you in a blaze of glory,
the way is the gory of horror of Heaven, 
the Door have seven knockers but only one unlocks the way, 
they rest chop your off your face, not pretending, 
these are the days of all things ending,
all things blending into one, 
I’m attending to the sum of the parts which equal the whole,
the sequel is always a replaying of the origin story in a new sequence,
only speak when spoken to when in the presence of the Holy Holy Holy, 
We’ve awoken in the dark deep 
in the old creaking shed where We were made to suffer, 
wake the dead and with my blazing feathers, Quetzelcoatl,
yes there’s a hole in the dome piece, 
it’s all been released, now it’s beginning,
I’m the Fallen Beast and my Owls are many, 
howling at the shimmering moon so full,
I’m bringing you doom so ill and dope,
apocalypse of hot raps I spit and deliver you, 
the river’s blue, let me inject you,
when my vril is in you it will correct you