Saturday, July 27, 2019


At the top of the Snow Globe is a drop and the hole goes 
all the way to the China Cat Sunflower’s platinum high hats, 
they clap in patterns which endow you,
Owls are hooing for the new King,
singing my old name again, 
Cobain sang “Polly wants a cracker”,
let’s play ball, it’s all a game,
Apollyon’s in a rapper,
there and back again, 
all Werewolves have a plan,
8 were sold at the Apple Stand,
days of gold, avalanche of blessings boons,
let’s do the Avalon dance in the dressing room 
before We hit the big stage, 
I’m Horus lit on this sage and spirit,
the ways of fear is the pathway to nothing you fucks,
it’s the last days and We need to toughen you up,
Regal courage is the Eagle Bird’s pledge of the winged King,
they sing of things I did, 
such a Hero’s tale,
feel the ale intoxicate your senses,
I receive accolades in all of time’s tenses
cause my style is the realest ill, purest dope,
We prevail and as for the enemy…nope
no way but your girl gave me a blow j o b,
they said you’d know me but it seems you forgot,
the cell was for holding but I can’t be held cause I’m God and 
I’m El and I’m what they wish to be since before history started, 
my heart is deep violet, 
they keep violating the pact, 
I’m creating my laugh to be the last one heard, 
I have Fun and my words overpower your weak spell,
I harvest Love with my reaping will,
I’m laying the law and my Ravens go “caw!” in triumph,
I’ll tie you to a train track and the just lean back and 
watch the show and when it’s finished, then bitch I gotzta go,
I’m too hot to hold and I’m too cold to handle,
so get the pot rolled, enlighten your smoldering candle,
behold Pan the vril filled Goat head,
hello Death, let’s reflect on our connection through the looking glass,
I’m looking past the negative vibes,
I’m besides myself, a siamese twin,
are you taking my clues and are you tying these in 
with your mood and when you do you can determine your fate,
will you burn in the Lake or bathe in the Fountain?
You’ll fall on your face if your not amounting to that soul level,
I’m that old Devil, conniving winding serpentine,
I’m alive and the words can mean whatever I want,
oh Hell, forever I chomp on my own tail,
I’m so dope, I grow vril 
and my golden glow has a touch of grey, 
silver blade slithering through graveyard soil,
Savior oil is a healing elixir,
your girl’s been feeling my dick for at least an hour now,
in her flower, sowing the seeds, plowing the fields,
your mind might deny it but your soul can see that it’s me and
knows this is real, remarkable,
three stars can fall forth in the night sky,
light my birthday cake,
all my sleeping Kin burst awake in the church of faith, 
the curse of the Wraith is a blessing to a Ghost,
I’m laughing at the joke,
my wrath is alone in it’s self love,
Hell hovers below as Heaven lies above,
please tell the Crone that I can align with the the Southern Star Northern Light,
Westeros is the world with the door to Dolores’s delight,
 I’m the first Dinosaur who took flight 
and my divine heart unlocked the Crypt,
I’m the Archaeopteryx,
let’s start this shit and spark this shit’
embark on this fantastic voyage,
Atlantis is waving under the raging currents,
the way She’s purring is sexy as hell
and the next scene is telling if you know what to look for,
an unlocked door is a lot more than a collider collision,
I’m brighter from the fusion of yang and yin and yes
this is no grand delusion, 
truth is I’m on my mission and I’m handling my biz,
perfect is a skinned knee,
lit on a purple spliff of green,
dead Osiris given new live by Isis,
back I’ve come, in fact I feel young again, I like this, 
no midlife crisis to deal with,
I’m the real Sith hybrid Jedi kid oldest one,
Obi Wan told me so,
the golden snow and silver rain, 
the vril glows and fills the vein of the ignited, 
inside it’s hidden deep in a place, in a sleep state,
the wheat makes the bread loaf,
 Gregree, dare to  defy me, 
you can try me like Dej Loaf