Saturday, July 27, 2019


Yo it’s King Gregree, 
flow sweeter than caramel,
beneath the parallel pyramid eye ,
the Sirius high roller of Cairo, 
I helped Paulo Coelho when he wrote the alchemist
The falcon is Kali’s kin and 
Halloween is so damn sacred,
the Lamb is making out with the Goat,
Heavenly world of Hell after held in then 
exhale the purple cloud of smoke
Now you know the trowel code is cemented in flame,
I invented the game while bored on a Wednesday evening,
May I be your Sensei?
Maybe but I’m needing you to be meeting two requirements,
the Fireman is green,
now wire into me or die,
no lie, oh my I’m a kidder not a fibber 
but I slither through a river of strawberry milk,
this is all very real and true,
the Blueberry Eel has an electric hue like teal, 
no wait, it changed  to violet,
I would like to say now it’s indigo 
and the way I can flow is a magickal musing,
am I losing you or can you keep up?
run down the avenue at twilight and you might like to give 
the tin can a kick up into the downtown Recycling Plant,
I am Him and I’m in my brilliant crown,
King Killer Clown from outer space,
Our ways are weird to you,
tears strewn down Her cheeks are falling all in a silver run,
do you speak slither tongue?
What about Cthulhu voodoo? 
Really, neither one?
Well, I’ll teach you,
I can reach you though the surge and voltage,
Yeah sure, rap words is all this is,
all the kids under the carpet are plastered on last years best bathtub gin,
hey humanity, it’s insanity, my Family and I want to see you laugh again,
the afghan rug is tugging your leg as its lying there,
I’m here to say this to you, 
are you ready?
Hands up, now answer “yes Cthulhu”,
Ok class, I’m glad you’re asking the tough questions,
let’s puff sess and ponder it all,
ever wonder if all this was a windmill full of pink milk?
Quicksilver Rabbit, I’m Enki El,
Time’s a wrinkled fabric,
ABRAHADABRA Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,
I’m God, I live in the shoe of Mother Goose, 
I’m Her golden egg,
this one’s the oldest and I am deadly when alive, 
King Gregree, I thrive in any era
and like Yogi Berra mixed with Yoda I tear up the Field with Force,
Innana’s my Mamma, my name’s Abaddon,
a joker, a jester,
I eloped with Her to get here just in the nick of time to be
dicking your dime because she’s fly as hell 
and I’m El and you’re not,
hey the story’s got to end sometime,
my grapes of wrath and fury pour the Fun wine,
the gorgeous sunshine is a rip chord that unwinds in perfect timing,
the Work is Divine and Great,
I am Pan, Kali’s man, I’m Her mate,
yes I make Her blush, She loves to kiss this, 
I am Puck, fuck it just call me Hermes Trismegistus,
really it’s just and extra special occasion,
interdimensional, extraterrestrial,
the Wheel’s turning into a square root of the first sprout,
I cursed out the first blesser,
that bitch is still burning in blaze, 
turning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken,
yeah I got my dick your bad bitch, high on cabbage
and the fact is I’m Cupid, 
it’s true, it’s just start of it CAIROXVI.
thanks for the beat, I pass you the dankest green, 
the darkest magick is just my target practice,
still, I love to shoot every single heart with my vril arrow