Saturday, July 27, 2019

THE ORIGIN OF CASTLES [produced by: MellowYouth & Saint Rock]

They say a cave is the origin of castles,
let's play a game called “Oranges and Apples”,
I’m making a list and I'm checking it twice,
baking the bread and 
I'm breaking the ice that contained me,
my name’s #@%$# and I own you,
the tone is two fold,
less than glue holds your world together,
loophole, Wormwood,
sperm flood into Her pearly shell,
surely Hell is what you deserve or is it Heaven?
The bell in the Church rings first at the second it becomes May Day, 
my blade flays and my presents are endless,
my presence lives at the meeting point of evil and good
so bleed all your blood and let me taste it 
and place you with your kindred vibrations,
is it libations of pleasure or 
my blade that severs which will greet you?
I swear to God I'll eat you where it's hot all the time if you were naughty,
all these fallen divine Angels came to this place to judge you and either love you or kill you,
Her tit milk churned butter is vril food,
the bill is due and I'm paying it,
Kali wants me to tell you so I'm saying it,
rearrange your crooked foundation with the sounds I'm making,
sacred working tools,
circle moves like a cube reversed time three,
only I and my holy fly can remove the curse they placed on you 
because my face is two and Her wish came true because I'm me,
Gregree's my new name but just call me King Santa Krampus,
like Wu-Tang, me and my crew came to bring da damn ruckus