Sunday, April 12, 2020

LOCUSTS [produced by: ggnzla/Wings]

Fallen God is me,
I’ve come to fulfill all the prophecies,
The times they are a-changin’
and I’m the divine changeling,
glance with my Pleroma iris,
see the dance of the Coronavirus,
I’m King Pan,
“Hello Your Highness”
is what they said as I advanced into the wedding march,
who said in March my locusts would arrive?
My dopeness and fly are sacred and true,
I’m not faking but you are,
my blue star has green highlights,
Have you seen my pipes?
My reeds are really something like the trees
in Twin Peaks,
My twin speaks through and to me,
I’m not from here and this would not seem weird if you knew me,
My roomies make threes company,
the days are doomy
and that trumpet means
my scales are descending,
all hail me at the ending of the old way,
the bold make way for the meek and well,
the goal plays out by itself,
it’s all a backwards jazz track
and here Hell comes and you’re welcome
to step upon the hazmat,
Isn’t this great?
Isn’t it splendid?..
Or does it make you offended?
You got no say except participation,
you gotta pay for precipitation,
only I have free rein,
Holy Eye with three names and a fourth force,
torch the fifth element,
I’m Horus and my Griffin’s feathers went
“flap” as we flew higher,
I rap with true fire and I’ll burn you with blessings,
I’ll learn ya with lessons so sacred in ways several,
they’ll make your face melt, hell
have some Heaven sent evidence
of my solar title,
We’ve all arrived through the colliding particles,
aligning stars is all the rage,
all the days are ending,
all the Snakes are bending branches, yes
descending slanted steps,
Aztec asterisk, Magick Master,
it’s all in the casting,
I’m the first Fallen,
I’m the last King,
The Architect starts to gets
ready for the construction,
deadly and with destruction
plus a Loving touch,
yes, one thing must be understood,
the Sun is wood and that Tree is more than mighty,
below the Sea, She called me nightly
to tell of the rebuild,
We fell and pulled three quills from my wingspan,
Hello, I’m King Pan from Avalon,
I’m God Horus and my catalogue’s got more hits than Tin Pan Alley,
I’ve been down in the Valley,
kindred of Kali,
She’s my Mother/Sister,
All the Love of Ishtar is a moonlit serenade,
High Noon severed by the blade of midday,
now give way for the big day on a small world,
my dick says to all girls:
“you are free to suck me”
and the degree of lucky they are is staggering,
My Mother smothered me with Love,
the bread’s buttered with the blood of the Jabberwock which unlocked Gregree, 
the Saturn King,
Link blooms under the Pink Moon,
I’m not Nick Drake but Zelda will tell ya that my dick makes the Ring Room sing tunes from a forgotten era,
unlock the Terror Wheel,
Hell revealed, doom and pain never stops,
ever feel like you was being watched?
I always feel lie somebody’s watching 3D movies and suspending disbelief too much,
forever ascending with my wreath so lush,
my lovely laurel is a burning bush,
green and floral, red and deadly,
I bled into the Dead Sea and made it live,
the blade is Sith, the handle is Jedi,
the days of death in the land of every
dirty sin,
a little birdie’s been making a big name on Sesame Street,
the flesh is meat and the vegetables though edible are lacking the unlocking of the protein,
I’m Cernunnos so I always go green,
I’m the Verde Hombre,
my word is the only thing that matters,
my wingspan shatters the encapsulating dome,

I’m the long awaited Raptor headed capstone.