Saturday, February 20, 2021

LIT [produced by: Saint Rock]


Raptor of Solar Light, yes, I’m Her Prodigal Son,

when I rap, flow tighter than Professor McGonagall’s bun,

you say I’m a jerk, hey, what do I know?

I’m just the Green Guy who made it work because I wed the High Ho,

now the High Ho and I get lit on purple smoke and fuck all night,

now look alive or We’ll kill you with Vril yo, you damn fuck,

now hands up cause it’s a stick up like a dildo up your mamma’s hole,

the Prana soul soup is an old loop with a new twist,

want to meet my DOG?  Yo there goes Anubis,

so here We go and the Magick Cube is spherical,

fear is all Set has as a weapon but he never

really had the heart to start the Armageddon,

so I paid the price, sliced an arm and a leg in the pot,

now I’m all in and the cauldron is hot,

the amazing Daughters of the raging waters try to calm me

but I’m Abaddon thee long awaited Destroyer,

I’ve been deployed cause the decoys led you to nowhere,

everything I said is True,

if you don’t believe me you can blow where my dick is bitch,

the wick is lit and the solitary candle in the Villa of Ormen shimmers

ornamented with olives branches and berries of brilliant gold and silver,

I’m the summoner of Midsummer mischief play,

I'm who put blue blood on Her switchblade,

I’m dope as the pharmacy in CVS and you’re never harming me

because I’m charmed as can be 

and your girl’s horny feeling devious,

she sucks like an airlock and her box is clean shorn paradise,

stare into my eyes and see creamed corn, Our garden is rosier,

She guards Our Garmonbozia under the mudroom Mushroom,

you aint shit with your frail force field,

get your face kicked in by my Pale Horse heel,

your courage is the yellowist, play you like a Celloist, I mean Cellist,

the bell is rung from my zealous Fun urge yearning,

I’m the Sun Bird burning, I’ll never let you go with

my electrical tongue and cheek cum and skeet,

before I was born I had the raddest fan base,

dance in the field of corn with your girl’s cat in my damn face

and when we bang she unfolds every petal,

she hangs like heavy metal on my arm like Bucky Barnes

and my Lucky Charms are a sarcastic babbling brook,

Dark Star Magick grappling hook,

the resilience leads to brilliance 

so toughen up cause enough’s enough,

She cracked the locks,

freed Jack in the Box,

now I'm laughing a lot these days,

I’ll let you see the next scene if the blessing is deserved,

I'm addressing with words to your secret soul,

speak with Truth and you can fix the leaks,

the roof can stop it's mind from wandering,

where will it go?