Sunday, October 7, 2012


You want the Beast?!?!
Rip through the track like a Saber tooth Tiger
on steroids annoyed with an eye to destroy all you deploy
sink into the skin, poke through
the beat’s leaking hi-hats and guitar blood
gush, feel the rush of my freshness like “whoooosh”
yeah, your girly gives me the bush cause I flow like glycerine
you know, nitro….whoa yeah!
so incredible, undeniably, unbelievable how I bob and weave
through my immortality, gorging on my vittles of vital Vitology
under The Sacred Dome of the Aeon I play
on the electric light floor of miraculously, mercury like pleasure
slop, slip, slop funnel down dope rhymes for me Pop Pop
whoa, are you having fun like I am?
If not take a blast of energy consciously intended from me to you
bouncing round the room then right back to me
The Woman was a dream I had, Her name was Maya
let me rip your frame from the axl so I can take you slyly higher
now you’re smelling like a rose
excuse my intrusion, now I’m trying to get you to lose then use your illusion
you could be mine???? you could be mine???? YOU ARE MINE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!
welcome to my jungle, you’re a babe in the woods
and I’m never fuckin subtle, your babe’s on my wood
sexy little tiger she-cat she scratched hieroglyphics all over my back
baddest Egyptian witchy bitchy
licked the sacred jewel of the Royal Scepter
Hail the King!!
I’m a never fail, failing at hailing it back to you
falling down like hail, oh hell I’m fallen
my dears and darlings I’m carnal
I can’t hold it in so I don’t, you fold it in so it’s cold within
Fuck that, say it “FUCK IT”
hellz yeah say “FUCK IT SHIT” cause I taught every Samurai how to slash and kick
alright, slash open these sweet rhymes of mine
nectar from the intersection of reality
The Garmonbozia Symposium
I’m not blessed, I created blessings
so I’m guessing you’re stressing cause you know you can’t fuck with this
the best of the best would have to pull out all the stops to even cop a fuckin try
that’s why they cry or rally by my side
but in one thing they’re unified, the fact that I’m the FUCKING LIGHT
feel me?? back it up
I Flow Bacchus, I make Maenads into my sex nymph maidens
Zeus is my wingman and he gets my fuckin crumbs
I eat the thickest steaks cause it’s EASTER SONDAY
And I do what I please
I don’t disturb you so don’t disturb me
or I will send swarms of locusts and bees packed with potent poison to eat away at your sanity
I’m the one, this is my very last vacation
I had fun playing for all of these centuries
I killed it in every single one
honestly, Tina’s leaning toward the fact that I’m simply the best
The litmus test of fuckin greatness
I’m the master artist, Master of Artemis
but I control none, but none can match my frequency’s fastness
you could never catch this
but you’re the catch of the day in my gravy pan to cook
and I’m the fish that got away
my flow is so off the FUCKING HOOK!!