Monday, October 8, 2012

ANTS [produced by: Biolizard]

Call the wah-mbulance 
cause somebody heard The Viper was back 
and in their diaper, they just took a big doody splat,
Atma Adi Anupadaka,
sorry Anunnaki but I already defeated the Crocodile
and by how your smile just did a 180, 
I know you know the significance 
that’s why you’re hating, 
well, that plus a zillion other reasons most probably,
I believe you’re a habitual bitch 
botching every single situation that ya step into, 
yes Set, you better bet your ass it’s you I’m stepping to,
who am I repping? Oh please, I am Pan, 
my Horus force coursing through my Royal veins, 
I lead the Team 116,
that means you’re going down the gullet 
of the Demon engulfed in flames 
for my name flickered in the lucid REM, 
the words “DEVIL TV” on the screen, 
the Hellish letters seemed to dance, 
there was an avalanche of Ants 
crawling over both of my hands in the Prophet’s dream, 
I’ll never stop it, 
I mean two Goddesses neared my ear 
and whispered the gospel of the King, 
I’ve already passed the Awakening, 
remember I told you the Cobra told me everything, 
so who am I?  You know damn right,  
you can tell how I shine so bright, 
gimme hell bastards, 
you can’t even scratch my Raphael turtle shell 
and on my sais, no rust, 
you’re green as the land of the Irish 
cause I’ve got the luck of Osiris 
so if you’re feeling pious
roll up the papyrus with the violet iris,
this is scripture, get the picture? 
So snap at me again Set 
and I’m gonna have to hit the flash again 
just like last time and leave you with 
another big fat red eye