Sunday, October 7, 2012


I’m so mackin and you’re slackin yeah my flow is Mars attackin
yeah they’re hailing cause I’m never failing with my alien verse layin
yeah I’m slayin slayin slayin yeah, I call it Kerry Kinging
Make you feel like you’re dancing skipping through the fields of heaven playin
Don’t you see that my rhymes are evidence of a divine plan?
Must have your head in your ass or the sand
If you can’t see that I am the man
It’s Gregree flow sweet like Hi-C
Kickin your butt with an uppercut Ooh yeah it’s punchy
and I don’t need your aid to be kool
I’m the exception to every rule
Might be new to the game but soon I’ll have juicy juice
I’m the rhyming golden goose
Gregree always big pimpin
flow like an olympic champion
make you feel joy…yeah that Stimpy Ren
King Gregree holy moly shedding light like Obi Kanobi
You’re always spittin your shitty style like “poop there it is”
And my style is a motherfuckin brute, yeah I’m the shiz-nit
lit up from a hit of the sticky ick
Bong rip torn and a new rap God is born and my flow’s got Devil horns
I’m hot hot hot hot hot
yes, hotter than the motherfuckin trop trop trop tropics
I’m the motherfuckin shit
Yes, I trip trip trip trip trip
Yes, you do the math, it’s Gregree on LSD turning the keys of infinity
And there no motherfucker on the mic that’s better
Flow multidimensional call it “Terence McKenna”
ugh, or better yet call my flow DMT
Cause I’m the dope motherfuckin tyrant on the mic
by the name of King Gregree
Gregree always big pimpin
flow like an olympic champion
make you feel joy…yeah that Stimpy Ren
King Gregree holy moly shedding light like Obi Kanobi
You call you spit rapping? I call it deplorable
You’re hysterical, I’m historical
Call my fuckin flow “The Oracle”
Dali Llammin, a rhyming shaman
I’m eating steaks up at the Palm’n
While your slacking in your whack ass kitchen slurping up the ramen
voodoo hexing so perplexing, on your style I’m T-Rexing
When I’m rhyming your girl is smiling
So maybe that’s why you’re vexin
your girl’s a vixen so we’re sexin
I flow so sick rub on the vicks
And my rhymes are eucalyptus yeah so fresh no you can’t do this
Flowing deeper than Confucius
And your flow’s so fuckin foolish
your not hot, you’re oh so cold your style’s always sled dog mushin
You flow softer than the cushion
That’s why your girl and me be smooshing
take a lookie, no not Snookie
But I’m nibbling her cookie
I see you motherfuckers trembling, got you so fuckin shookie
On my motherfuckin nose, clip a clothes pin
It’s your career’s grand closing
Yeah, you’re going out of business
And Gregree is still the shiz-nit
a Leviathan flow sweeping up from the deep
I’m the muthafuckin Wolf feasting on you sheep
Yes, I’m the motherfuckin man
I took all the money and I ran
And you’re mad at me cause you’re Matt Foley
livin down by the river in a van
You’re a hopeless fuckin hater
And I’m the dopeness generator
I’m the truth so just one line by me is always shining brighter
than every single rhyme you’ve ever written put together
With this lyrical assault, you think I’m dealing with Occult
Yes, I’m an alchemist and my only problem is this:
My flow’s already golden so I guess I’ll make it golder
It’s a good problem to have, there ain’t no burden on my shoulder
I’m delighted I’m united with the source and now Midas flow’s always shining the brightest
You can try but can’t defy this
No You Can’t