Sunday, October 7, 2012


Fuck that shit, right Jimi?
Give it up for the axe man, Wizard of all licks and tricks
Almighty King Hendrix of the Order of the Arch
play so fly you Angel, I’m so grateful for your reign on this plane
you shook em up straight to and from the heart, you did your part
cosmic erotic art deri air brush your Foxy Lady’s
enchantress star shine across the sky
as I’m doing here with my rhymes
yes, Jimi begged to be on this track
I said “yes”, He said “thanks” and I thanked him back
we got high then gave each other a high five slap
Respect is always shown cause that’s what Royals do
and so should you but if you don’t you won’t be in deep doo doo
or go to hell cause let me tell you hell is the biggest fuckin joke you ever fell for
I’m Nāg, The Fallen, I Am the calling
you just didn’t expect me to be this fuckin ballin
so the only punishment delivered it’s true
is that acting whack is only making things suck for you
you make people run from you
because your vibe smells like motherfuckin poo poo
Love rise above tap the infinite skills delivered to you 
on your own monogramed golden platter
as it was written and always was destined to be
you see and you know your life was supposed to be a Disney movie
well you did when you were a kid probably the closest you’ve even been 
to remembering the truth origin kin of the stars, not celebrity 
but the kind that shine on you and me so shine that motherfucker back
can’t you see my energy burst through, through the cracks of this track?
I’m just helping you remember
and Gregory Fitzgerald Brenner is not King Gregree
He’s just heralding this message for me
I’m just as excited as you listeners for my first album
Top of the billboard list, spit scripturous Revelation
you know it, you know it, you feel it
watch me shine my lights at last
I fuck the antichrist in her motherfuckin ass
Now take that you rat shoo skat
like Armstrong I’m strong arming this track
make room for all that, me
yeah, bags of chips so heavy I’m gonna get a hernia
eternity Eternia take your She-Ra and I’m turning her
let that girly get on my dick
think that’s not the word of God?
don’t make me laugh son
cause God made girlys and dicks for them to get on
Oh Lord here we go, Father you said there’d be days like this remember?
The Flow has risen cataclysm and if you doubt me your face can get the jism
and if I don’t survive this track this mix-tape should hold
you over spittin heaven splitting at seams please please can’t stop now fuckin heart gonna explode
God help me
no God helps me
oh fuck fuck fuck
yes the messenger is a shit spitter yeah a fuckin potty mouth
I’ll curse all fuckin day now play Jimi play give ‘em that eargasm 
yeah that rich Mitch Mitchell rolling thunder over under
conquer plunder I’ll love you till your hate goes under
and folds, my rhymes are filling your heart and minds with solid gold
the royal cards I always hold
they based the ace on me motherfuckers
I Am a perfect 10 and a whole lot more
I Fluuuuush
bad vibes down the toilet
I’m the Vessel yes the motherfuckin water Vessel
and my flow is the spit crack zodiac the nations of coming constellations I represent
I Am the sign my rhymes such rhymes from my Vessel 
see the water yes yes these are my confessions it is I who ushers in the fressssh new age
feel the newly born water flow flow flow no ordinary flow oh no
the ball’s passed by my Feisty Pisces Pesce friend you know like Joe has gone fishing
no need for mass don’t want your ass kissin, doesn’t matter at all to me if you don’t listen
cause either way
these days riddled with limitation we’ll now call a thing of the past
I’ll only lead by example of infinite power
I’m higher than a temperature heat-wave
feel the blast of my hydrant pave the way to save the day
I feel like a parent who spent all eternity preparing a party for everyone
and now as things are settling down and winding down
I can finally set my feet up and tilt my crown you shrug I call it Jug Head’in’ 
drink a whole jug of the finest wine to my head kid
enjoy the fruit of my labor I savor my Garden of Delights
eating my Eden
that Tree that Tree
snap out of it come on and spark these trees go ahead
Yeah I’m putting on my pointed party hat and about to get down in my crown
gobble my slice of party cake down
except I’m eating all the fuckin cake
hands off my cake you fake snakes
you can’t grapple with it’s apple-y taste
you peon, This is beyond knowledge
This is where the Ledge ends
there is no ledge
and you’re going in
and my hand is all the way in
the cookie jar of the dopest rhymes
but I’ll never get caught because I cast that jar in clay
and the cookies I did bake
myself and the source of Light & Lovin’ is my motherfuckin oven
Feel the heat
scared so you beat it like Michael my flow makes your head go spinnin
like only he did ‘em on his toes tippin sack grippin
maybe things got a lil wild at the end for him
but he’ll always be one of my brightest stars that you’ll never see again until you do
then we’ll whip out the kazoo yeah in this next phat line let’s take a trip down the flat line
you walk these hills with a long black veil over your eyes
when “that’s all folks” it pulls right up and everybody yells “surprise!”
we all regale at your realizing you’re home from “one hell of a ride” wink wink 
finally home from your vacation trip in the matrix and you begin to think
I wanna go again like a little kid
weeeeeeeeeeee are the Legends
respect my Melchizedek crown
shines for miles and light years around
circle of stars yeah, The Lucky Thirteen
my Apostles will know the hidden clues in my music’s meaning
and they’ll all rush to greet their long awaited King
and I bow back to them because we are the same
except for my infinite chloridian laced lines
so don’t force me cause I’m close to where the Ledge ends
it’s the End Times 
I spit endless rhymes then I receive endless ends for all time
I’m Pranavana and I know I wanna give your girly a colonic
I’m spittin a lot of flavor at your salty looks, I’m flowin Sodom and Gomorra
I’m so damn dope you beg for more-a
I’m Horus I never need a chorus so fuck your rules I rule literally
spittin this shit like classic SNL skits smoke my candy-gram and land shark those munchies
yes I’m the fucking best by a whole fuckin bunchy
this is my mix-tape my first album has already been written
and one listen is like gettin bitten by my reptilian lyrical slither
to the King all the bad bitches come hither
and jack my beanstalk till that motherfucker withers
now she wants to pump it up again and jam 
but my erotic Technotronic needs a few minutes
shit if God didn’t want me to fuck this bad bitch
then I wouldn’ta been blessed with such a Godly dick
yes embrace who you are
the beauty and the beast
like Mercury said in Bohemian Rhapsodies
feast on it all none of it matters in the least
am I a Demon or gleaming divinity with miraculous rhymes like these?
yeah Jimi played I think they feel the words I say let the lighter fluid spray
just like Monterey all over again
I Am all life I saw it all I was there yeah can you get a witness? yeah, Me! now flee you fuckin flea
Did I see the first song get written? you fucking idiot! music for real?..I mused it and all this other fucking wonderful shit now get over it or tough tit
you hear when I spit after I spat that you just heard the best motherfuckin rap then your soul claps and God smacks the cash down and he’s sayin “I’ll have what Gregree’s having!”
a jokester yeah a lil bit but you knew that you just forget that we met
over & over yeah roll over my lyrical field of clover and let your Love take over
you’ll shoot loot such treasure and pleasure all for you hook that booty 
captain now ride the sky was made for you and yours and ours 
so let’s spend these last few hours not forgetting to smell the flowers 
I have enough power for all of us put your feet up, I got this
Purebred been dead Easter Sonday resurrected
flow so Narayan that’s why from tips lightning finger latch & harness
what’s yours an ocean of forever
this message being delivered has clicked on the server 
and your receptors are thanking Me for their awakening 
and Jimi played whaddya say I’m done
well I’m gonna run you’re welcome!
Expect to see Me again 
on the Akashic Record of prophesies where The Legend ends