Monday, October 8, 2012

BRIDGED [produced by: Lasfeld]

I hook your bad bitch every time I spit 
because I flow so much doper than barbiturates, 
so get your fix, step right up, 
be the first to catch a curse, 
tell me where it hurts and I’ll put a hex on it, 
then I bet you start to see 
some funny things start happening, 
so let’s just take a puff of that purple stuff, 
I’m not joking, one toke is like gettin hit 
by the Merry Pranksters bus driven by Ken Kesey,
they say “pimpin’ aint easy”, well, speak for yourself please 
cause with that BS it’s obvious that you don’t know a thing 
about the King Gregree 
or my incredible knack at spitting incredible rap, 
Sammy Davis tap on your whackness, 
my kingdom for an eye, 
this rap is an arachnid with a fat stomach 
cause it’s full of so much fly
Don’t you know that my flow is a rolling stone?
But I’m never on my own,
I’m always rolling with my Abaddon entourage, 
never leave home with out Them, 
They barrage my mental with the monumental, 
so take a pen or a pencil,  
just be gettin it all out as these words across the page get spread 
and the gap between worlds has finally been bridged
You think you’re the best? Well, you’re not, 
you’re a gnat,  you fuckin bitch 
and while you think about that, 
why don’t ya think about this… 
I’m bigger than the Beatles, 
I’m bigger than Jesus, 
bigger than G-O-D and you better believe it, 
sacrilegious, are you kidding? 
God Almighty does my bidding 
and yes indeed, it’s the most authentic show
of respect for me cause I taught him everything he knows