Sunday, October 7, 2012

CHURCH [produced by: KeY Wane]

King Gregree at your service of worship, 
Hi, I’m here to Devil horn in,
I started playing this piano line on the church organ, 
my name’s not Meek Mill but I’m Gregree, I’m ill 
and these religious chicks are such freaks,  
they’re about to inherit the girth,
yes they will, it’s the birth of the Easter Sonday Egg, 
I cracked that shit with my raps, now I’m out 
and the enemy is not to happy about that 
which make me smile a smile as wide as the Crocodile
that we all must face when the spirit leaves from this vehicle case, 
keep your wits about you cause if you don’t stand your ground, 
you get sent back to the physical to try another round, 
now I’m bout to drop a doozy, there’s no such thing as losing, 
nothing to kill or die for, I’m so sick, I’m so ill, 
your liver’s pooling up with blood and all over the floor it spills, 
Imagine no possessions… Imagine motherfuckers!!!!! 
or I’ll have to possess another track and another and another with black magick,
get your facts straight before your make your judgement, 
don’t fudge this up cause I’m a Devilish thing, 
Hell-born Elf-child King, spittin this tipsy fuddled boozy groggy, 
oh God, King Gregree has done it again
and I don’t feel like it,  feel like it, 
so fuck it, I won’t put a chorus on it,  
yeah, the original already scored big like a puck in the hockey net at the championship,
let’s win the Stanley, bad bitches cup the sack gently, 
King Gregree is a superhero like creations by Stan Lee, 
so be a dear, take of your underwear and meet me in my secret lair, 
no, I’m a liar, no one’s allowed in there, 
trust me, you wouldn’t even wanna see, Demons and shit playing pokeno, 
they feed me these rhymes, 
when it comes to my ascent, I’ve already reached the C note, 
yeah, a hundred percent, yeah, the peak, 
I’m so high all the people down there become blurry, 
then I see each one a pixel on the screen, 
oh, what a picture, holy fuck what a display 
and you woke up this morning thinking this was just gonna be an ordinary day, 
but I say “nay nay”,  ya got it backwards like Satanic messages,  
this planet is blessed, y’all are the Creation’s kids, 
itty bitty Gods, Godding around, nodding off, forgetting your crowns, 
well, don’t worry cause Gregree’s back around, 
also, don’t forget y’all are small as ants 
but don’t rant and rave, it’s the truth so embrace 
cause when you see ants struttin down the sidewalk all in a row,  
they’re not complaining and crying, they’re moving and grooving in one big conga line 
of life, c’mon join in and grab a hip cause this is it, 
I am the Wiz so let’s just ease on down, ease on down 
The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, 
Mirror Mirror,  I’m the seer smeared with windex, 
I always win with a flick of the hex, 
I’m am the Seething, now I’m breathing which is the greening of the light, G to the O,
So sorry Nibiru,  I’m-a throw you Gila Monsters back in the glass tank at Set’s pet store,
then I’m throwing an “out a business sign” on the fuckin door, 
What is this that your hearing?  
Just a crazy cracker who spits the most spectacular intergalactic raps just by chance? 
Oh man, you should’ve seen this coming but We knew that you never would, 
I am Luck so it tis I who does the mind fuck,
never pass the doobie cause I never pass the buck, 
I’m King Gregree, I TCB so taste cock bitch!!!
oh, that’s rich, I’m not Richard Branson, 
I’m the last in the line of the Pantheon 
but my Owl mamma aint no virgin, 
She’s the Starlit Harlot and the target of my enemy 
and as you will see, if you fuck with Gregree’s family, 
I’ll slice you like salami
and toss the medallions to half a million piranha, 
they frenzy in the Lake of Fire, you think I’m kidding?
let’s go skinny dipping, 
sing and splash as the deadly gnash rips us to shreds, 
I’m so motherfucking Grateful to be dead, 
sicker than a Cosmic Charlie horse, 
all the Nordic Aliens warm their hands around this flame cause this is the torch I’m carrying, 
hear Gregree’s Falcon-Headed beak speak it’s magnificent squawk: 
“hark, hark, spark it up cause I’m on a Pale Horse” 
and of course, of course a pale horse is the signal of a new course 
and if you need to ask why you need to ditch the “y” 
at the beginning of the word “yours” then get back to your chores,
look into my hellish eyes, 
The Revolution will be televised into the minds of anything with awareness, 
tell me what is your level of preparedness?
D to the E to the V to the I to the L ,
I summon Mammon, feel the swell, yeah! 
Interlock with this Voltron that I’m on 
and the only prerequisite is you gotta be chill as shit 
so put on your church hat cause sure as shat, 
we’ve taken root, Tree of Life bursting into light 
cause I’ve been busting these routines and rhymes all night