Sunday, October 7, 2012

EVO9LUTION [produced by: Land Of Da Free]

Save it motherfuckers,
I’m the Lord of the Fly, I’m the King of the King, 
yes, it’s the Sword of the Messia-eye, 
What am I saying? 
Oh, you wouldn’t understand anyway 
but thanks for playing, here’s a parting gift, 
you get to hear the rest of this here Martian Bliss, 
so suck my kiss cause I’m certainly Sir Psycho Sexy, 
there’s perplexing strength in these hexes 
and I don’t even try cause there is none more powerful than I 
for I am fed by Heaven’s Goddess, 
some may pretend but none have got this,
you see, I merely transcribe what I hear, 
voices appearing from nowhere,  
the people under the Stairway to……. wait for it, 
the Gates have been opened,
I’m flying out, I’m repping the Crown, 
Yeah, I’m high-stepping into your town 
from where the music never stops, 
I double down, all in, 
Evo9lution, from a crawl to a hop, 
to a flap of the wing, to heaven ringing in my ears,
the cheers of jeweled dribbling basketball, 
beyond the casket call, it’s a dick in the mashed potato kind of party y’all, 
Hardee har har, the jokes on everything, 
everyone a King and Queen 
but not immediately, you’re a mere seed until you succeed in the true sense, 
the sense for Truth must be evident in your intent, 
I appeared in the sphere of the celestial meridian, 
I shot out of the Zenith’s penis, 
I am Demon Jesus,
my flow burns like the bush in Midian, 
I’m spitting in the face of these wanna be’s, 
I’m-a have fun defeat y’all, 
what a breeze, feel the chill,  that’s my vibe, 
I ride on the Hippogriff made out of silver mined from the cavern 
of the Lone Gnome named “none of your damn business”,
you don’t have access to witness except the words that I say, 
vibrate in harmony with them,
see the truth, yes, cloaked by the Muse in the ruse of aloofness, 
how cute, you really think this realm is all there is? 
Well, take a tryptamine my pet, you aint seen nothing yet,
the occult is the result of my insults to the self-imposed sultan, 
for I am grander, so much grander 
and still those numbskulls wanna follow the fleecer like “follow the leader”, 
well, please be my guest, 
Oh Lord, Oye Vey,  this sword was made for me to wield so yield motherfucker, 
I slice through all shields like they were made from warm butter, 
if you’re shuddering hard, that means you’re fuckin smart, 
My verses are vastly past intelligent and they smart too, 
that means they cause you pain, yeah, my name flickers in flame,  
All devouring, empowering Crocodilian of Light, 
It’s vermillion Eye gave Me the gift of sight, 
Now I’m the Owl and I’m prowling the heavens tonight,
I heard you got turd words, yeah you’re talking shit 
until you see the proof of Lucifer lights in my eyes, 
then you zip it and kick off your sneaks and sneak into vagina slippers,
Pussy footing around like “yes, Sir”, 
Well, I know I’m the best so I don’t need yes-men or henchmen cause I’m the Blessed Man, 
King David flow, I’m-a save it all while I stick my rock in your eyehole, 
yeah, my cock in your socket,
take a good look as I pop my load off at point blank range right into your brain,
feel my splooge take root, now I own you, 
Smack you mo-mos around like a Three Stooges movie, 
knuck, knuck, suck my fucking adder till it splatters, 
you see, I stared into the Mirror of Decency 
and it was my destiny to leave that motherfucker shattered,
I’m of the Cloven Hoof but don’t let that fool ya, 
I am the baffled King composing Hallelujah, 
Got game like a raffle as I unravel the ungraspable syllable formations, 
Mutations, Uncanny Hex-Man,  
I’m an animal, chew all MC’s to granules, 
Oh shit, a Gnome just scuttered from under that toadstool, 
That’s so cool,
Let’s chew on Evo9lution caps,
stoned under the moon