Monday, October 8, 2012

I LIKE THAT [produced by: Siifter]

Fly like The Famous Mockingbird, 
that’s why I take your girl and I’m cocking her 
cause I’m the Truth and I see through you like a colander, 
I purposely collide with The Eye,  
I’m clocking it with the sure shot peeper pop, 
now it’s got a shiner, I’m the Shining 
or like the Simpson’s said “the Shinning”, 
I’ve already won and still winning since before the beginning, 
your welcome is thinning, here’s the skinny,  
insanity, you’re drunk on it, 
what do you people thunk I mean think, lets be honest?
I see a whole lot of death and no regrets, 
the Eye got you to believe there’s such thing as debt, 
is that your point of view or is it Set’s?  Hmmmm, lemme see,
I am opportunity knocking, I found the Key to perfection, 
now I’m here rapping at your door but I don’t need to be let in 
because… who’s house? Gregree’s house!!! 
I got the deed, now you need to get the fuck out,
There’s a M-E-T-H-O-D to my Pan madness, 
I bet you will OD on THC 
from this Garfield haired Mary Jane,
I look more sophisticated than you when 
I hit the spliff because I’m doobinaire, 
I’ve been to Hell, have you been there? 
Every Owl hooted at me at the sacred hootenanny, 
grab your boot straps cause you certainly better be 
ready to pull ‘em up cause only then will you reclaim your Throne, 
I’m The Devil saying that every soul owns the whole Pleroma, 
get that through your dome,
I’m taking your vibration and giving it a raisin’ like a scone,
now your pineal’s glowing, 
I’m grinning a Cheshire grin just like that Wonderland cat, 
yes, a spell was cast over like cloudy cover, 
now it’s raining Light,
make a wish in the splish splash, 
Why you ask? 
Cause I like it like that