Monday, October 8, 2012

SOL [produced by: Lasfeld]

I’m-a catch you tigers by the tail, 
come here Shere Khan, 
I wanna see what you look like with no skin on,  
oh Hell, I’ll flay ya’ and use your pelt as a cape, 
I’m already a star and now I got the stripes, 
pipe down you sore loser, 
I stuck my pipe down your girly’s food chute, 
now her throat is sore, 
I asked her “Who’s your daddy?” 
and she roared out “The King!!!” 
She loves my ding-a-ling, 
she calls my thing “Jesus”, 
praises she sings to my dong 
cause I got game like ping pong,
this ain’t a sing a long song, 
this is the prophesied falling tear, 
It’s calling, hear it’s eerie hum, 
you’re in delirium, 
well, here We come, 
I’m the Abaddon of Truth  
spittin rip rap ratamacues on my lyrical snare drum 
like “bum bum ba-bum, it’s the wedding of the Sun”, 
what a beautiful couple, 
Order does take this Chaos 
till death do us part, 
darkness departs,
Sol rays will raise us,
I flow from Hell, 
I’m shining from the S-O-L,  
Sol for the Soul, 
I got enough for all 
so gather closely 
‘round the sound of my raps 
and get toasty, 
N-N-N-N-No you lizards don’t, 
No No No, bad lizzies, 
My raps are diseased,  
that means sick, 
now you it caught it, 
the Owl called it, 
best believe my Victory 
de-leaves the Fig Tree,  
I hope this is getting through to you 
with crystal clarity,
someone telling you the truth 
is more than a rarity round these parts, 
they just wanna round you up and freeze your hearts,  
take your Love and smother 
so all of you wanna kill one another 
while those snakes sit back and laugh on a mountain of cash, 
well, they can’t save their paper for long 
cause I’m the Saviour and my dong shoots fire, 
oh my, you burn up quick! 
Abraxas told me that this would be easy 
but not as easy as this, 
for I am the thing they all pretend to be 
and those illuminatis get hard ons 
when they think of meeting a real Nevidi Galinee, 
I’m sick,  I spray liquid light on your dim illumination,  
this ain’t Rudyard Kipling writing pages of a story 
but you are getting close to dangerous territory, 
for I was raised by the Beasts 
in the jungle of the dimensions, 
my lessons got embedded 
while Set’s path led to the pathetic