Monday, October 8, 2012

THE RESULT [produced by: Flight Dreams Productions]

I am Creation’s masterpiece creating a masterpiece, 
brand new just for you and you all are in it too, 
you’re the colors, the blue, the green, the red, the black, 
oh my, what a spectacular splatter 
on the canvas of matter, it’s not the weekend 
but it’s the day of the fuckin Satyr, 
I am Pan and I see that you’re a pansy 
and you can’t defeat me cause I’m The Heat, feel the inferno, 
I be the Beast, you’re just the entree on my supper-dish feast, 
entering this dimension was not a difficult feat,  
the mysteries of the occult gives the gift 
of the result I always seek,
it’s about to get warm as heck,
I’m the King bringing my swarm of locusts, 
each sting a hex, who’s next 
for a lyrical spear clear through the neck? 
I’ve raided the Lost Tomb, call me “Indiana Croft” 
so step off cause you’re softer than a cotton swab, 
you’re mad bro and I know you’re irate cause I’m a pirate 
and your girl’s on my deck and she swabs it
then I’m looting that booty, tear it up and as she peaks, 
she keeps speaking my name like a parrot stuck on repeat, 
I gave your sweet parakeet my skeet, 
our s-e-x-y t-i-m-e is now complete,
well, I am Me, the King Gregree 
and you’re just a fuckin fool, tucking your tool, 
squirming in your own skin, 
you’re acting tough but I know 
the fact is you’re a Bluffalo Bill
so stand in silence for I am the Lamb and the motherfuckin Lion, 
none can defy the King of the Ill,
your Cherise lubes my Ruben, I mean my beef 
and I’m gonna fornicate with her cause you’re a corny motherfucker 
and a little bitch, you’re poutin cause your stomach is sour like kraut  
from the sickness that I spit, feel the power of the pestilence 
sent to exterminate the pests, 
oh yes, the story is real, the prophecy’s fulfillment 
rumbles on a peal of fragile thunder, 
crazy fingers of lightning,  go fly a kite motherfucker 
and tie a key, you will see electricity erase and evaporate 
your name out of the Book of Life permanently, 
I am the blessing and the hex, 
best believe this is certainly my sermon, 
Eve’s on my serpent and she’s mountin’, 
she’s my Bloody Mary, where’s the olives? 
I live, I live, I give everything that’s owed, 
King Gregree is the key that unlocks the code,  
I corrode through Set’s energy net,  
yeah, they got you fish floppin’ in it,
yeah, I’ll set ya free cause sadly 
you’re as good as dead, breaded, fried up in a filet 
served piping hot, well sorry not on my watch 
cause a long time ago, all along the watchtower 
as riders were approaching through the biting cold, 
through saliva’d incisors, I let out a growl gnashing my teeth 
at the Joker and the Thief, I spoke a word of prophecy, 
I said,  “fear me, then hear me,  a man named Dylan 
and I, The Eye of brightest red ignited coal 
will make an agreement on his soul, 
he will sell it to me like a property from Sotheby’s
and I will inspire him to scribe about 
what everybody’s eyes in this here scene have seen here tonight”, 
peep into the Orb of Enchantment’s emerald glow 
and and you’ll 100% know for sure that I am motherfuckin right