Monday, October 8, 2012

TIN FOIL HAT [produced by: Popz Krakaz Beats]

I am the Walrus Tusk,
I was out till dusk at a party,
shit was cuckoo at the Joobeleezium,
I was there teasing Set cause he said he was God,
I said “Anyone here believe in him?”
Yeah, I can still hear the crickets deafening silence,
my flow is so sick, here comes the sirens of the ambulance,
they’re gonna take you away,
I gave them strict instructions not to resuscitate,
I gave ‘em a pillow to suffocate ya’ in case you wake up,
I’m doing you a favor, you don’t want to face the day
after the slaying I gave your existence,
on all pistons I’m firing,
got skill with words like Lord Byron,
oh the irony, for him, it’s just a title,
for the King, it must be taken literally,
this Lord is bored, good thing I’ve stored something glorious
for a rainy day, a full stash of wolfsbane haze,
harvested under the full moon of Ishtar, She calls me Her “darling”
as She devours a starling in Her ravenous, cavernous beak,
Her beauty breaches the limits of the imagination,
I’d patiently wait forever, cause to me, She has given it all,
yes, all the way to the end and once again
Mother, I wanna walk on down the hall,
The Call, The Call,
Yeah, I picked it up, took my flow and sicked it up,
took my finger, pricked it and I sacrificed Myself to Myself,
I sold My Soul to My Soul, I took control of every particle,
I startled myself as my heart started to crackle with golden sparks,
melted my frosted Lost Ark,
my tin foil hat is in way over it’s head,
it can’t contain my mane no more,
it split and then it hit the floor and then a bunch of Gnomes
started dancing on my bed cheering like…”!!!!!!!!”
Yeah, an eye opened in the air,
peering, then morphed into a portal,
with such force it swirled ajar,
a snarky looking Reptili filled my room with vapor
so with my Viper-style, I swiped him up and said “you wanna get kill-ied?”
I’ll wipe the floor with you,
my blade has a niche for spilling blood in the ritual
plus I just ran it through the sharpener,
I’m from Hell, B
so someone pleases tell me,
Oh, Walrus, Walrus my little Carpenter?
Stop harping me, I’m saving the world
and if you don’t start taking to heart that you’re bothering me
and let me take care of my Bee’s Nest,
I’ll take my swarm and hop in my Chariot
and go on home and leave ya’ alone with the Goblin,
nah man, I wouldn’t do that, best believe that I’m toying
but seriously, leave me be because you’re being annoying