Sunday, October 7, 2012


I aint conceited
I motherfuckin believe it
And it’s so convenient
How anything I choose to have, all of existence 
bends over backwards to make sure that I motherfuckin receive it
and you know what I say every time? 
I say hellz yeah thanks to my dream team on the other side
you’re making this out to be one hell of a breezy ride 
and I take pride in the fact that it still makes me fuckin shudder 
with giddiness cause infinity is one generous motherfucker
especially when you sing Her Her favorite song which is anything by Gregree 
I guess that’s why She motherfuckin favors me cause even my sneeze 
makes Lady Luck instantly cream tween the knees
yeah pack that Lady Liberty, that special green THC encrusted heavenly weed
I must have a hit or three or better yet times infinity 
but only one hit sets you free and takes you right to it 
no need for the pursuit of happiness just pass that grass 
makes my soul dance and prance like Branford Marsalis solos 
entranced entwined with Jerry G silvery super strands string 
Angelic Owl of the Ages forever flapping the ageless wings 
wrapping my gifted mind with the pages Of the Record Akashic 
every cranny and nook of the Helping Phriendly Book 
took its secrets and cemented and plastered and patched it with the Eye of the One 
no not my mushroom tip you filthy minded bastard buggers 
nothing I do is all for naught, I’m only naught when you put it after the jugger
and if you want to lyrically fight you can say you fought and lost 
to the motherfuckin slugger yeah I’m Babe Ruthing 
with my ruthless truth intrusion, bruising your ego 
my flow is nuts and so sweet I call it baby ruth 
fly like a moth and you’re just a rocky road sloth 
and my lyrical muscle makes you little goonies run for the hills 
you little pussy poonies
Now do the truffle shuffle and get to making room for Gregree 
yeah I’m the truth of divinity, I’m the best MC 
that’s ever motherfuckin been I’m best that’ll ever be
And you could be like me, access your divinity or don’t 
and just be a little pea in the mental control pod of the hypnotic illuminati 
I’m illumination, I’m the illest motherfucker from any motherfuckin constellation 
I’m the best even when I’m procrastinating
I’m elated that my triumph is finally here, if you ask me, a bit belated 
I’m the creator but I was created by the creator who was created by… 
you wouldn’t understand until you’ve elevated much higher 
and if you act like the tool, I’ll give your foolish ass the pliers 
if you defy this relentless lyrical dentist there’s no known defenses 
for my smooth never brittle drill ill with the diamond tip 
rhymes that leaves you feelin like your ivories were tickled like Art Tatum played ‘em 
I’m not playing I got dough mold existence like clay
I’m never money-less got a money press and with every billion I get
I’m a billion times more blessed I’m never distressed why would I be? 
I’d have to be out my brain to be scared of the video game 
I was taught the realest magic delivered telepathically to my brain 
by an Angel of alien origin Seraphim serenade 
rapture rhapsody in red Russian lullaby once said 
“Cats under the stars sends a signal to Mars 
which refract and plugged it coded treasure trove 
in to one hundred and sixteen other stars” 
but what the fuck does that have to do with you and me? 
But I intercepted the message of the show down of High Noon 
and how I needed to send my love in the afternoon 
and spit my rhymes, the vaccine for these times 
which are not that bad off except for a little cough 
which is the greedy and seedy hypnotic droner 
designed to drain you down to the bone, 
for what? I don’t care what they say 
but it’s not in your best interest 
I guess that’s why you’ve been blessed by my lyrical rescue
God damn this just might be the realest flow ever 
I mean by anyone anywhere I’m powerful beyond measure 
so throw out your gauges, I’m a lyrical sage 
spicing up the page with my rhymes like parsley rosemary and thyme
every time, I’m the best, feel the zest of my citrusy rind 
my bad bitch is irresistibly fine 
if you saw her in person you would immediately jerk off until you went blind