Monday, October 8, 2012

WAR OF THE GODS [produced by: ENYO KIM]

I’m the King bringing the Apocalypse
but it’s not the thing that you think  
so in your pants, you can stop taking a shit
cause that’s what those cock-suckers 
want from you anyway, 
just to be fearful little bitches 
but this ain’t the End, 
it’s a celebration for the Epoch Ellipse,
do you see what I’m doing? 
This aint coming from a human, 
here’s a fancy lyrical bombardier Banshee singing for you,
yeah, aint she a beaut yeah, She’s cumming 
out of a Brujo made of golden Light, 
ignite the tomb, full moon 
bright above the sacred site 
which is wherever I happen to be,   
I am the beacon, so when my family’s seeking, 
they can always locate me, 
I’m the Loki Key, so if you wanna fuck with me, 
please be my guest but do it at your own risk, 
I’m-a chop you fools up in a soup, boil a batch of bitch bisque,
are we crystal clear? I’m ballin like a crystal sphere 
because that’s who I am, 
I was born to do it, I see through it all 
so hear the call of the War of the Gods, 
let’s saddle up,
 I'm the Black Velvet Pantera of the Night, 
teeth rip free from the cemetery gates, 
I’m not Vinnie Paul but hey, thanks again for the sample Billy Paul, 
I’m the Steer-headed my dear, 
steering the ship right into Lake Victory, 
you say you’re ill, but you’re faking, 
you aint look sick to me, you look suspiciously healthy 
like you’ve been feeding on the stuff 
meant for every child, woman and guy, 
aye aye aye,  my Eye’s been on you  
Thought I’d be gone forever?  That’s fuckin funny,
you can’t capture the Ishtar Bugs Bunny 
It’s gettin’ sunny, feel the burn, turn eyes to the sky, 
I’m so fly, I guess that’s why I’m what’s up doc, 
yes, you’re gettin blessed with a treat 
so treat your mouth like a dresser n’ shit and put a sock in it 
and you’ll see me with the trophy that’s got 
an engraving saying:
“We hail the day you won the War of the Gods”