Friday, December 21, 2012



Y’all are in such deep shit, it’s so easy to see,
Solomon could not resist twisting the Key,
now I’m in the dimension that holds Earth
to erect the invisible Golden Church,

The finest jade inlaid in brass,
pop the cap, the spell’s been cast,
bubble, bubble, toil and trouble,
from a voyage, I’ve returned,
I’ve come for my ring, I’m taking it back,
dream come true for my Team,
They’ve finally got their King back,
Their voices aren’t so muffled anymore,
They’re pouring through the portal door,
Scale the Fish and Tip the Vessel
and my Builders won’t quit until they’ve finished it all…

Andromalius Dantalion Seere Decarabia Belial Amdusias Cimeies Andrealphus Flauros Andras Valac Zagan Vapula Orias Amy Ose Gremory Orobas Murmur Caim Alloces Balam Furcas Crocell Haagenti Vual Bifrons Viné Shax Sabnock Vepar Folacor Räum Malphas Halphas Phenex Stolas Marchosias Furfur Gäap Asmodeus Foras Forneus Astaroth Berith Ronové Buné Glasya-Labolas Naberius Aim Ipos Marax Purson Sallos Bathin Botis Zepar Eligos Leraje Beleth Sitri Gusion Buer Paimon Barbatos Amon Valefor Barbas Samigina Vassago Agares Bael Gregree