Friday, March 22, 2013

SYRINX [produced by: DNGRBEATS]

Sun shower sprinkle Elysium, 
Twinkling with the impossible, 
What a perfect day for another perfect day, 
I gotta tear myself away from these nymphs 
for I spy a beauty beyond compare, 
Oh where, oh where did she come from 
and from what hand was she sculpted? 
My horns buzz with electricity, my heart just erupted 
I can’t help myself, caught up in the swoon 
Stomp my hoof on the ground and howl at the Moon,
Syrinx was her name, she lived to play the game 
of pouring cold water all over my flame, 
My inferno is her turn off, 
How can she have such control?  
My soul soars above on the wings of a dove, 
I’m a God but “my god”
I just can’t keep when sleeping from dreaming of Syrinx, 
How my heart sinks every time you deny my advances, 
Oh please, can anyone help me make real these fantasies?
Now I’m mystified which makes me think  
my Syrinx is a nymph like no other,
One glimpse of this woman and I went and lost 
all the good sense that my Owl Mother taught me, 
This feeling within has gotten me unhinged, 
Oh Lord, here we go again, 
I stand on the hill of emerald blades, 
I see her at the rivers edge laughing away, 
Oh, how I wanted to kiss her but when I came near, 
into the shadows she whispered, then disappeared, 
We three on the bank,
I, myself and me,  
I exhale my depression,
Dead is what I feel that I ought to be 
but as my shivering breath 
bleeds over the river reeds, 
I hear a tune that hauntingly 
reminds me of my L-o-v-e all consuming,    
Alas, a tune for the lass 
that lassoed my soul with one wink, 
I think I’ll make a pipe in honor of Syrinx 
and play every night so the Moon may soak in blood, 
Pray for the day of Harvest, forever starved for her love