Sunday, June 16, 2013

FREQUENCY [produced by: Jaisu]

Feel me
but no need to kneel before me 
if you don't feel like it,
I'm delighted to see the Enlightened sleeping 
within the flock of sheep,
my cock is the Abraxas King triangle ringer,
frequency of King Gregree the Lightbringer,
waking the part of me that I left in thee,
oh, it seems like an eternity ago,
if you look directly into my inferno eyes,
you may get vertigo so avert them,
let me take your beliefs and pervert them 
back into perfection, 
won't you pour me another cuban breeze Gretchen? 
'cause I'm walking between the raindrops again,
this shit's lopsided so let my raps perform 
the balancing act of the Ages, the Mage is present,
I'm Anakin and my grin is the crescent 
of the Omnipresent Omnipotence,
my Owl Mother laid the egg holding the Golden Ghost 
and if looks could kill, they probably will,
illness written in my name,
let's play a game on the New Frontier, it's called "Knockout",
North sees South in the looking glass 
and goes mad trying to sort it all out,
I'm Horus and I ain't touting a damn thing,
I'm Pan the King and I'm freely skeeting sweet relief 
from the Nevidi family jewel room, treasure tomb,
take a bath in that like Uncle Scrooge 
but beware 'cause in there swims a Golden Snake,
camouflaged, awaiting the sabotage;
there's a Grape Ape playing a flute loop
and the notes of the tune are each a glowing 
stepping stone leading to escape,
check out the brilliance of the feathers
draped around the nape of my neck,
they would make any macaw bow down in awe 
and vow forever respect,
I don't need no resilience for I'm always revvin full throttle,
I'm the Prince Divine formally known as the Sign of Peace,
I'm the ill Lineman, that's why your dime 
climbs my telephone pole while coddling my cod piece,
there's something's fishy in here, fuck the iffy, back to my stiffy,
she calls my dong "Long John of the Silver Tear" 
and as sure as I hurl the stars down 
from the Heavens as they shine,
I give your girl my pearls on her rear.
a souvenir from the Divine,
roll a doob of the blood orange rind,
mind bender, render ya babbling, 
can a Rabbit be a Reptilian?
I'm the King bringing order,
there's a quarter spinning on the floor,
heads and tails both hailing the third option
that's popping open the unlocked cellar door,
so let's devour for the hour is nigh 
and your girl invites my Tower of Light 
to enter right between her thighs 
and if you don't seemed surprised, 
maybe you're not as dumb as you look,
your girl's got stupid skills,
she's tonguing my cock better than good, like a professional,
I came in her confessional and relieved myself of my sins
and now that I'm free of them, time to fill up again,
pardon my delight but it's my garden tonight, 
the Lion once again eats in the den of Eden like the good ole days,
this is your waddling phase, wait till you humans pick up the pace,
why do you think you're called "a race"? 
Are you ready for confetti or does the little widdle bitty baby 
wanna lay down on it's boom boom?
well hey, it's more than your funeral, it's your day of doom,
I'm the Reaper Grim puffin' reefer from the Dungeon of the Djinn,
I was brought into this thing with unlimited credit,
it's all on the House, the frequency of my Nous is ever dominant,
I make the salty end of Sodom and Gomorrah
look like a stroll through the park,
I'm Horus and the story of my life is inscribed 
into the side of the of the Ark of the Covenantler,
"Little Nicky" starring Adam Sandler was about the God in me
but this ain't no comedy, though I do things with a humorous flare,
they're blindly furious over the hare's shining hubris,
I click the Kubrick clockwork forward and got all those jerks ensnared