Sunday, June 16, 2013

SCRATCHY AKASHIC [produced by: Raisi K.]

Pull a rip from the kush filled tube 
then skip to my Lucifer,
the Akashic Record's got a scratch on it, 
hit the volume, boost the verse 
of the Jr. Dinosaur reversed, 
hey DJ, I'm the JD Jack but my diamond's are all black,
oh, did I go and crack the seal? 
This can't be real can it? 
Of course not or maybe it can, 
is this just the rhyming of a crazy person 
with a wild imaginarium? 
My name's Horus and the real story is ......hmmmm,
tee hee, this joke is cosmic, 
I am Ozzy's God
and I'm brightening up the stormy sky, 
enraging the never lazy eye, it's ever vigilant, 
I've returned to turn the Nephilim Skeleton Key 
given to me by the Oxbow G-O, double D, E, double S,
the day She gave to my Rabbit-Self 
the Wreath from above the Love Level 
and placed it on my obelisk's tip with a Kiss, 
excuse me Miss but Your misty eye seems silver, 
You've been waiting for this for a while,
I can tell by the shiver in Your stare 
whenever You see me near,
the first time in the Den.. "We're here, We're here", 
where are my manners?  Here, puff this fuzzy batch,
call it "Meerkat", pop your head through the hare hole
into the looney toon carnival, it never ends,
it only bends sideways so you can't see it when you're in 3D,
you gotta go higher, wanna see?  Come with me,
upgrade or get washed away in the coming flood,
I'm probably speaking in metaphor, in that case, good, 
you should just relax and listen to my raps,
wait, what's that over your shoulder?... Sike! 
Just playing, I'm sonning Set while I'm sun-raying,
the Mayans called me "The Big Birdy Snake", 
Open Sesame to the street that's about to wake and bake,
coal raking the forever forsaken,
make no mistake, I'm Octavian, 
I started out as a slave in this begin because winter 
prepares you for the wonderful abundance 
of the hidden Harvest, more than you can ever know,
I'm Luca and I heard what you said from the second floor,
it connects to the cellar door, so I kick out and I fall, 
bounce up and down in one combined ball of All 
against the wall of this world,
your chick calls my twelve inches "Long December",
I'm Gregree, Champion of Mine Pine Tree
and We preceded the Fall, now heed when I say "make way"
'cause... "Timber!"
Look out below, I'm Usagi Yojimbo,
your chick's licking the samurai sword of the Lord,
sweet sacrifice, I say "hey, how may I thank you?"
She said "some skeet will suffice",
Damn, now that's the perfect price,
I splurted pearly rice to commemorate, it's happening again,
the Earth's heart is thumping in different dances as it advances,
keep up or sleep and meet with the teeth that gnash,
you can say you met with the death metal tooth,
it's the truth so I'm meddling in your affairs,
I swing the sledge, relieve those Bumble's need to eat,
leave their crimson gums bare