Sunday, September 1, 2013

PSYCHOPOMP ADORE [produced by: Siifter]

I stepped through the Archway but I have
no map or parchment to show me
which way to go next,
but I gotta give thanks to the Elf who
helped me pick the one I wanted
because I almost chose another path and it's sure
fortunate for me that I didn't cause oh lord,
if it was a different door, I don't even want to think
where it would've led,
then the Elf said: "hello Gregree the Horus, we've met
many times before, I am your Pychopomp and
our bond is one to adore more than any connection,
we've been assigned as a pair before time so now and here
I can teach and prepare you to let yourself into
the higher parts but there's an art to it,
you can't be a wonderful sunbeam without teamwork,
so mesh with me into destiny for there's no doin' it at all
without this duet so let's walk on down the hall"
then he said: "hey kid, let's rock and roll, it's what we're here to do,
I'll show you what your name means and
how to James Dean in your new blue suede shoes,
you need me not luck so make like Elvis right away and
just say "thank you, thank you very much" because

You can never go alone,
no, you can never go,
You can never go alone,
no, you can never go alone,
never go alone,
never go,
never go,
no, you never can go,
go it alone

"Here we are" said my Psychopomp,
"stomp on down this way into the memory so you can
know who you are,
Morning Star, there is none doper,
you're the definition of "def", ya heard?
you're the Leopard of Death, Tezcatlipoca",
then he passed me a spliff and said "smoke this,
it will help you reminisce for the remembrance needs finesse,
yes, I've been blessing you in ways unseen,
we've been weaved together since before the dream began
this round, now make the sacred sound,
please Gregree, paint the town red for all the Nevidi
as their Moon Hare Champion",
and as we stood before the Pine Tree, the time was 3 AM,
then the little Elf said: "you're Horus and you're
no longer dead", then it tapped it's mini blue
finger against my forehead which made light
pour out of the top of my skull
and I just thought "oh snap, that's radical"

You can never go alone,
no, you can never go,
You can never go alone,
no, you can never go alone till you learn the ropes,

gotta work together and be thorough,
gotta swim through the Netherworld,
now you got a pocket full of rainbows,

got a light feather to give you lift,
gotta give the crocodile a kiss,
got a pocket full of rainbows,

gotta cross the abyss with me,
gotta remember that we are the Mystery,
got a pocket full of rainbows,

gotta realize that the highest peak
gotta be at least one billion feet below us cause
we got a pocket full of rainbows,

gotta be ready to God up already,
gotta know I love you In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida baby,
got a pocket full of rainbows