Thursday, May 1, 2014

HALLOWED YULE LOG [produced by: wesaluteyoucaptain]

I'm Abaddon Pan and you know
I'm the man greener than mashed avocado innards,
hey Gibbard,
this is my death cab so catch the next one please,
thanks,  see.... even though we're made of light, we're still polite,
let's be chill,
follow me into the dark which leads into the bright and back into the night,
round robin, bobbin for peaches, inside there's a key,
so watch your teeth, kids,
yes,  I'm so fucking dope
but it's all in the hope that you
shine with a Love that's real,
no fake smiles and artificiality,
fuck the surface shit,
let's get burnt and lit,
so roll the Kali weed cause
this herb is it,
I take a hit, then a fourth and fifth,
so high, I never fall, what a major lift, Halle-fuckin'-lujah!
Now your chick's got her tongue running along my huge dick,
I'm a mick just Leprechaunin' around,
Fitzgerald is my Vessel's middle moniker and around the Skull is a crown of clover,
the Dover Demon has nightmares about me,
but I care not three or two or one shit,
so bite me till I'm bit,
oh you thought that I'd stay smited?!
ha, you gotta be kidding,
stop ridding your memory of who I am,
I am Pan and you are nancy boy, Set,
you will pay, and of course I don't accept cash or credit,
only your life force will set the books correctly,
so say goodbye to your high horse,
I died cause I was rusty, now my gold is gleaming,
behold the Phallus of Legend,
now bend over for the reaming,
I'll make ya scream for every fear, every tear you sucked out of the people,
they're not mere livestock so I've unlocked the seal to
show you how it feels to cremate like care
so you better stop fucking with my God-crop,
knock knock, who's there?
my prized cock in your ear,
now all rise at the tone of the bone,  Red Rover, Red Rover,
I'm way too sober,
I'm-a go and roll the biggest spliff of the cherry haired and I
never stop till I'm done,
even Clifford says "damn son, you da' Big Dog"
I just reply " I can't hear you, 
I'm in a thick fog of the purplest"
my words enlist those who care to live but your will is free
so you may choose to be as ill as me or take your chances on the landless sea,
I cast the rap raft over the gnashing waves,
rise over and find the shining dark, ride up the multicolored arc
to the banks of the brave and thank yourself for the save,
I'm the sativa smoked out Bodhisattva,
taking you by the hand,
let's go while there's time and you still can make it through the transitive nightfall of diamonds,
they're landing everywhere,
the Hunter is crying a howl for the woolly Wolf,
as the Owl hoos a Robert Johnson tune to Luna and Her audience of All Together Now,
what a starry roof,
it's already really high but let's do it one better,
get ready for the unmistakeable sound of new ground breaking,
Now is the time,
the power in my rhyme is Death,
I'm the crater Hare,
Mommy Mater is Her,
I'm the skater of the crescent,
I ollie over the luminescent salamander,
I was Dracula once but
now I'm Pan and once again I'm sure this is the best one yet,
I was born to best Set,
no jest and even though I'm the Jester,
who She courted till I said "Yes"
now I'm the blessed quartered Horus,
my crown is encrusted with the best lapis lazuli,
I puff a wooly every day with MCA since his RIP in the Nevidi VIP,
Forever R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the illest of them,
you can be too if you knew who you were and you are,
do you care that a star was your first incarnation?
Far-out dudes and dudettes,
my music ignites much more than a movement,
I am the movement of Her beating heart
and if you dare ask me to prove it,
I'll fuck your face with my P-E-N-I-S of the finest gold,
was that too harsh?
Well, I'm not here to hold your hand and tell ya that everything will be fine,
well it will if you sprout like the magnificent Pine but of the essence is time,
my flow is the fuel thrown on the Burning Rose,
I'm the Phoenix eating the best green eggs and ham till I can't fit into my old clothes