Sunday, September 7, 2014

GOD'S ILLER [produced by: wesaluteyoucaptain]

I spy with my Jedi
from under the Hill
where the Lord lies,
the ill Clampett in the reflector,
I'm the midnight bandit who made off with all of the bestest Texas T
from the core of the Nexus,
remember me?
I feel like Beverly cause I'm the Angel O,
so let me brighten like beach memoirs as I undo their tight stranglehold grip, my art is really sparky against their file and rank,
I carve light and dark meat off my own Grateful Skeleton,
so whoever wants beef like Wellington, come and get it,
I've been telling them I'd return when the Heat was complete,
now I'm cooking in my kitchen,
you bitches, it's time to eat,
yes, I'm back on the beat,
guess y'all got good luck,
I'm stomping my cranky feet cause I just got woken up,
but I won't drag 'em cause I'm in one hell of an incredible mood,
I'm the Dragon of Terror,
got it?
You're not it,
you think you are but GOD'S ILLER and I'm ready to move the pillar into the final position,
oh Set, now you're mad?
Why don't you start a petition to make me stop,
then get your whole crew to sign it so I can shove it up the vaginas of you twats,
I've got a bone to pick,
stab you all like an awl against the tip of an iceberg with my golden dick, break off the fake dross,
now that's how I make nice,
your sight takes twice as in a double take,
make way for I've come to merge with the Demi because if my double face doesn't come together again,
I can't bring you to my level,
I'm King Flattop and my twin has got feet below the knees,
I got you pegged like marionette legs with ease
I do the sacred skidoo inducing steps, you're a fool Set,
if you think I wouldn't get my way,
hey, it's my name on the Game's label anyway,
so lemme say your a dumb fuck,
spewing garbage into this place like you're emptying a dump truck packed to the brim,
well, I'm back from my sleep and my raps are the Grim Reaper,
I'm Abaddon the promise keeper and I'm sticking to my word,
I'm the Dinosaur Bird,
Feathered Crocodile surrounded by slithering electricity,
King Elohim's home and my golden telephone pole's been dialing,
I died to bring the beginning and the end of it,
Pleroma Tome pages turning,
my rage is burning all for your benefit,
Mr. Kite, I missed my flight...sike, how could that ever be with forever extending wings like these?
I'm a Monster pondering my own dominance,
how do you wanna die, Set?
I'm feeling like a generous God
so I'm-a go ahead and let you pick your demise because anyway you decide,
you draw the last straw,
I'm the Master of every single Star in the sky but I'm cool about it,
you know that's why They shine willingly so brilliantly all for the ill in me,
the enemy pretended to be a friend
then they locked me in a cell,
but still I got free,
well, well, look at me,
you stupid fucks and suck on these
Royal nuts because I'm iller, I'm iller, my skills are the Thriller of the Night, so I call to my twin and sing out:
"Let's merge again into the thing now that must be",
cuss me all you want,
it'll do you no good
because I'm wearing my Rare Card breast plate made of holy wood,
and all it was and is is
the return of the High Wizard Life,
my razor knife is stained with red rain,
my mane is said to contain magickal properties,
pluck a hair, that is if you can get close enough,
I fuckin' dare you to call it a bluff,
get stuffed like a turkey,
my spell is working in circular ways,
light the purple haze in tribute of the fruition,
They said "hey, it's you!" I said "yes, isn't it a hoot?"
I'm the Teacher reaching my root down as I pass this ill communication of sound onto the class,
I'm going on to cast another magickal masterpiece,
this Raptor feasts on my enemy's reasons till they're deceased,
I drink all the bad blood till all that's left is good lovin',
I call your girl "southern hospitality" because she always graciously offers that ass to me,
I'm the last of me and the faster I beat my wings,
the rounder you get,
I whip out my cryptical endgame enveloping Set,
so tell all your friends that the fuckery ends here with the Buck Wild Child.
Got a hankering for conquering
this Romper Room,
my Magic Mirror reflects dooms unless a re-twisting of the twins is done,
don't resist me,
for I am He from the land of Fun,
can you all come to your senses please,
all We see is senseless idiots,
your preachers are reading off a card like Trebek,
so to relieve you from jeopardy
the Starry Leopard Beast is back,
I win every round in this Ishtar Atari match,
no car can catch this getaway vehicle,
so get away from me cause you're
so annoying,
I'm clawing at your paradigm,
I'm the hopping Hare,
repairing with rhymes incomparable,
I'm on a tear like perforation,
got game like "Operation"
my funny bone is made of gold,
it reflects the red light of my nose,
in the dark of night,
I sparked the fire but I didn't start the fight,
but I will finish it,
I'm God the fallen,
still iller than all and that's the realest shit,
I peel the skin back from the skull of my predecessor,
I'm taking merry measure to build you up my little buttercups,
you called for us, so we responded with "As you wish."
the Divinity Djinn is me ,
so winning is easy as pie whether an optimist or not,
lick the twat of the New Day till She cums,
and my raps are the lapping tongue