Sunday, September 7, 2014

NEXT TIME THAT I SEE YOU [produced by: Lasfeld]

The next time that I see you,
I really hope I don't have to be freeing ya again,
The next time that I see you,
it would be sweet if you
could be bleeding blue
on your own my friends,
it's easy as 3.14 bites
of piping hot Fibonacci pi,
yum, gimme more,
can't use your eyes to look for it,
I'm Horus the Ill,
killing the fuckery is what's in store and what's more,
it's free, no need to buy so by
the next time that I see you,
you won't need me to see through the BS,
it's been a while,
yes, but by the next time that I see you,
your souls will have popped up properly,
well, enough to move forward,
on Her word, 
I'll bring ya' through this,
the proof is that yours truly is here at all,
hey y'all, what's up,
this track is now my coloring book page,
I am laying this rap cray on,
amazing isn't it?
yeah, I know,
my eyes glow and still you can't see me and my dope fly,
I just hope that by the next time that I see you,
maybe you'll remember my Nevidi Energy so then the next time that I see you,
you won't step to me like an enemy and end up looking like an idiot again, don't believe me?
Give it a try,
be my guest,
put my Magick to the test,
your Belle is at my ball
like a ravenous beast,
I'm rapping the best with the least effort, 
so get off your so called throne and see it was just a folding chair all along,
sit on my bone but don't cry cause by 
the next time that I see you,
you'll be more like King Pan,
behold my wingspan of golden feathers,
the next time that I see you, 
yeah and by then it'll be getting a lot better,
I'm the Djinn with juice coming out my ears like buckets of rain,
so get to watching your mouth and the things that you say,
you just may be controlling your destiny or is synchronicity steering the wheel?
Really it's more of a tandem bike type of deal,
doesn't that just feel right when you say it?
Life is a game and the fact that you even get to play it
is a blue ribbon first prize,
you are looking through the first eyes cause I saw it all and you all fall like a shooting star from my ballsack,
oh snap, did I just spoil the moment?
I will all of your coils to open
and extend so don't fear,
Pan is here,
I'm the new Manager and I find there's no more time to pretend 
because there's a hell of a lot of work to be done but not the kind with a punch clock,
I'm from where Fun is the mission,
infinitely Sirius,
now get to sippin the cum outta my cock,
your blood know cause the flow holds recollection that I swore to love you all no exception,
I'm God dimension hopping into 3 to keep my promise cause I feel like it,
I'm a stand up guy,
I'm King Pan calling myself Gregree cause I like the ring of it and also the thing hiding inside the meaning,
mine Pine lives and always will, 
you're an idiot for thinking otherwise, my Mother cries because that's what She does,
how else would you catch Manna raining from above if She didn't release the droplets from the duct in Her optical?
The Goddess is cumming as we speak and She can lick anything even Her own clit, what a freak,
She calls me "Top Notch" now that's why my golden cock goes in Her Hot Box,
yeah, She's the bad bitch ultimate,
I just had to ask Her to come and sit on my face and taste my post at the same time post haste,
was that too rude?
I don't know, I was too busy licking Her poon to think about that,
the pink of Her cat looks like bubble gum,
She said I rap twice as dope as stupid good,
I should call my style "double dumb",
ooh that would smart if I wasn't Master in the art of I'm it and you're not.......yet until the switch is flipped
but you ain't ready,
so while I wait,
She's giving me head and excellent at it,
my erection is having a blast on Her tits with my skeet,
it's the epitome of chivalry,
I give Her so many pearls,
She can easily retire,
I don't play but when I do,
it's real fire,
you should try it so in due time,
you'll be ready for new rhymes 
the next time that I see you