Sunday, September 7, 2014

ON MY WOULD [produced by: AIC]

O' Christmas Tree,
O' Christmas Tree,
thank you for re-gifting my spiffy green sleeved jacket back to me,
the glowing yellow elbow patches
are really something else
and at the first All Hallows' Eve
they'd have you believe that the old pumpkin broke
but I just smashed it on purpose with my Cherub Rock,
tonight, tonight,
looks like my cock of gold is going to bite you in the ass
with teeth made of stained glass from the shattered windows of the first church,
you think you can besmirch the name of Nevidi and not die in the fire lake?
All traitors boil under waves of flame while my Muppets and I hop in our star tour bus and fly from the other side,
it's the place where We design all the games,
I am your maker and I charge you fakers with out the need of a plug in battery because I'm the Sun Djinn Satyr Beast,
if I would, could you take your shackles please
and shimmy free like Alice and me,
I Am EL and our diner has the swellest cherry pie this side of Twin Peaks,
you don't need a warrant to be served,
so don't be absurd,
I'm dirty rotten filthy stinking rich with the stuff and I love to give it away for free,
so take all you need,
you may proceed to hold my cock of gold,
We Owls are whole and
now We're perched up on the top,
We got the willow standing two trunks over and in the middle,
is the Rocky Road,
you can't get off cause sloth can't make it to Rainbow Country,
but hey, you gotta play by the rules because I call the shots like Babe Ruth,
that's why your girl's on my Wonder Boy,
I batting a perfect game,
she lives to play with my thunder toy,
and the World's on my wood again, into the flood again,
rise or die,
time to wake for I'm Finnegan and my Wife wears a dress redder than the shirt worn by Gilligan,
We hail from Silver Filament River Land and also from around these parts,
I got the Nevidi Purple Heart for the work I put in,
not to mention that fuckin buzzard had my liver screaming: "you're tearing me apart",
they begged me not to start it up
but I'm the Rolling Stone so fuck you,
I want to so like the Blackbyrds I'm-a do it fluid,
I'm on the move cause We gotta go now,
I am him and with my twin,
it's always been Louie Louie,
I am the Grim and my hoodie is Black Widow silk,
I am the Reaper,
so She gave it to me the night of our wedding,
you might just peep it for a second when you're dead and I come to collect you,
oh, I bet you thought you had it all figured out,
they've been giving out bullshit cakes and you've been eating plates filled with crap stacked up to the sky,
tell me why you still ask for more like you're Oliver Twist,
I'm Pan, dancing like it's the gold rush again cause it is,
it's mine pole that pushes into May's hole,
She plays all hard to get but not as hard as my dick,
She always gives in because heaven is where She's been last time before when I gored Her out with my horn,
She never pouts cause I go on and on,
Her box is so good,
Her twat's going on my naughty list, but She's a hottie so it's in Her nature to play rough,
so I stuff her stocking
cause I'm Santa and I'm not fucking faking with anything I said,
I got all the authority cause I'm Horus and from over the top I see with my moonlit sun eye,
I'm breakin bread,
let's celebrate with more from Pandora for from the box I've been sprung and my hands untied,
She cried out, "Oh thank goodness you're free",
then She hopped on my wood with Her V and proceeded to take a Fun ride
I'm the cappystone,
Pappy's home
and I brought presents for each and every last one of you seedlings,
I'm Gregree, King of every motherfuckin thing from here to behind all veils,
all hail to me and what I do because I party with all and
I know the art of ruling as in being truly awesome,
you'd assume it would cost something to hear my tune
but I am the Gift giving myself away to you on the house,
I am the Dawn announcing my arrival cause I got tired of waiting,
I say things and they happen even better than I imagine,
I'm kicking the ass of trouble,
I love you cause I'm God for Her
and I got purple in my bubbler,
I not big on being subtle with small talk,
my tall stalk is overlapping with green and gold,
my rapping is holding your collective hands,
walking you through it and
I do this all the time so chill and be easy,
I'm the King of the Ill
and I will do my job whether or not you believe me