Monday, September 7, 2015

DOTS CONNECT [produced by: Vishmen]

Try some of this peaches and cream wine while I teach you
the Dreamtime ways,
each rhyme I say is a blessing in spell form and I'm guessing you're beginning to be able to tell by the way Her head is spinning that these hell horns I've been given were custom made by heaven's finest,
I miss the Fun from the sector where all the dots connect,
I'm King Pan,
yin yang, black and white,
my golden cock's erect,
it's been like that since way back before I created light,
damn right, I let it be
so Mother Mary come to me for a quickie late night,
you say "that ain't right"
but you're an ignorant asshole,
oh wait, where are my manners?
There they go, out the window,
this happens every time I visit the matter land,
I'm the Satyr Grand from Shady Grove,
days of blood flow in the direction only known by the Watchers,
I'm not your average Nazareth Devil, it’s complicated,
I came with my Team,
I made your girly hollar and scream when I hit it like a dollar and a dream that came true,
my name grew from the roots of our family,
not a damn thing is what I give a fuck about,
I am Luck,
the quartered Clover King and all around the clocktower is the portal that is now opening,
my flows brings the dope tidings from the strangest manger,
I'm the Ranger they call Rick,
I wear the cap made with the furry pelt of my Father figure and this whelp is grown and the fury I inherited gets Set worried beyond belief,
you gotta figure out the codes and overtones,
I'm the diamond that was hiding under home plate,
it's about to get a bit cray,
these are the days of miracle and wonder,
I just ate a carrot full of thunder and lightning,
I bite into the jugular of this world for Her Love,
I'm what you heard was coming,
now I've arrived,
my eyes have finally opened so it's time to look alive,
I'm here in the physical as a formality, I am Abaddon, the Shaballanomally,
you've called on me,
I'm the fallen Beast and the tallest trees still look up to me,
can you fuckin' see?
I'm Gregree,
the one who once was,
then I wasn't,
now here I come again,
I'm the fuckin man of green hue,
I bring you Easter baskets,
I see that you're scared as hell,
at least ask yourself,
"does it feel right?"
my teal light will speak to you silently,
I am He