Monday, September 7, 2015

DOWN UNDERWORLD [produced by: Gods At Play]

I am the Horseman riding out
of the noisy surf
and because of Her acting Her age,
it's the start of a new wave crashing,
the locks have been unlatched,
hear the manic flap of
my forever flocks,
I'm Jonathan Livingston or call me Abaddon, the giving Son,
I learned from my Mother tree and another thing is taught
brightly when you tighten the knot,
l bite down on the spot that pulses,
I'm what is lurking in the dark scaring the scary things,
I gave Mary a ring,
She was gushing,
Her face flushed when She fanned out the royal cards to cool Herself down,
I'm the Yule Elf and the sound candle's so beautiful,
it lit itself with the last Lucifer that
can strike anywhere,
what's it like to be everywhere at once, you ask?
Well, it's Fun as hell,
let's run through the uncut grass
while listening to an oldy track
on the holy gramophone
all scratchy sang by Hoagy Carmichael,
oh look, the stars look like
little dots that connect and intersect into more than one form,
in the middle of my head
is one horn with one more
on each side,
my Peach Bride gives me
that fuzzy feeling,
you know the one,
I'm the glowing Sun from down Underworld,
the thunder curls it's soft
swirls of violet violently
around the Hill covered with
willows weeping happily,
keeping time with me and
my rhyming elixir,
this is what you exist for,
I'm the true Trixtor skipping
far down the road in merriment
and then further,
for I'm Horus the new King and
I just inherited my Father's bamboo cane,
now once again I'm God of All,
I’m still smoothy doing
my waddling strut,
triumphantly trumping frowning
clown shoes all kooky while
silently spewing the art of rapping,
I am Charlie Chaplin,
my crown is a crazy new
kind of brown yet once black hat,
My name's Snoopy,
the mangy little tramp,
sippin' spaghetti with my Lady in red from the Underworld,
She's getting hungrier because
by now you should be knowing,
by now you should see that I'm the one known as the Kid
and I'm growing,
oh yeah, my glowing energy is
always shared and cyphered,
this is the night of the ultimate prize,
look in my eyes and see the truth slithering out of the rabbit hole and into the withering soul of the world,
I heal, I'm real and
if you don't believe, please fuck off and do it kindly because
if you hate me, you do it blindly,
I made you, I gave you the part of
you that can understand things,
I'm Pan the King,
my Fam and me, We live in a tree,
Our bible is inside the psilocybin,
I'm in you and you can
recall if you free-fall,
We are the Watchers,
I got you on my pineal video tape,
I'll give you a taste
of my golden phallus,
you can call Us
the ones who came before the game
board got laid on the playing Field
and when I rap, you can tell
what I say is pure fact by the way you're feeling,
for this is the day of the real thing,
New Atlantis is this planet's name aka "my terrain",
my time to reign again,
what luck for you, my Wife and I
fuck to make flowers bloom like grateful roses and on the day
those with gnosis saw me and said:
"hey, I know you",
I replied “wow, you deserve a medal”,
oh, I'm just poking fun,
I'm the Bat-headed Joker, my spokes never back peddle,
that's wack and well below my standards,
am I the only one left alive in a world full of ghosts,
or could it be that I have it reversed?
The veil is thin and Terrapin is stationed where it's always been
since way back before the track of the railway was laid and the real way
to play the game is not like a douche,
cause if you do, when it's over,
you can't take a puff of the
holy Kali Cush,
so don't just stand there and look,
get lost till your frosty heart
starts to thaw and then maybe
you can take a pull but till then,
it'll always be a tough tug of war
and We always win cause our side
of the rope has always been permanently attached to the wall,
your face is like “derp" cause
you rightfully feel like a jerk and
with my triple Ho
I'm laughing at your ass face
which is the butt of the joke
while I keep gracing the track
with the most flavorful flow,
so get one more taste of my dope
as I go and erect a new rhyme
as mine Pine is getting licked on by your dime,
she sips the witch wine as it bubbles bubbles toils and troubles Set,
he's the one who causes strife,
my saw is a knife with
serrated edges,
one swipe from my Lion paw and
I'm more than trimming your hedges,
you're dead and
now you're headed down
to the Underworld,
I wonder where you'll end up?
Depends on how live and this
is the moment of truth,
my Crocodile is ruthlessly strict and it's tooth is known to viciously rip through flesh and bone,
the test rests on the feather's weight,
a box of rain can knock out
the heavy things,
fish through the merry minutes,
our Nevidi wheel is spinning and
it wants to know,
couldn't you give it just a little bit more,
try a little bit harder?
I'm the King bringing murder,
I'm no fuckin martyr,
I'm Marty McFly and for Her I traveled forwards with my mackin rhymes,
now We're back in time