Monday, September 7, 2015

GOOD DEED OF THE DAY [produced by: Eugene Sis]

Is anyone listening to the risen King?

I really can't tell cause well,
I see No reply at all,
I'm Gregree, so fly I fall straight up,
I wait up for no one as I lift the weight that holds down your soul,
I will use my ill skeet jism,
it's what's been giving to you for free by my golden peen in your moment of need,
you call, I reply,
now how easy was that?
The sun-ball is my eye and these are my bat wings,
see how my rap stings like a bee and floats a butterfly?
No wonder I am like no other kind of thing,
my mind thinks in rings of fire,
the wind is wilder than Gene tonight, mine are very active,
I'll give you some God stuff,
I got more than enough of it to spare,
Autumn is my favorite time of the year for reasons private,
I gave you a little piece of me when you were clay figures,
I'm the brave Wizard who dared to spell it out for you when
I was threatened by so called friends
about how I broke the rules,
nope, cocaine aint as dope as me,
I'm the locust wielding Beast and all crocus bloom in the Dreamtime,
the room with the seaside view,
I've unleashed myself for you as a gift,
the tacky wicks are lit on the tips of the waxy sticks that stick out of the candelabra,
the Nevidi Manta Ray knows a mantra and says it repeatedly,
I see that the sea is as deep and blue as ever,
I'm Eshu-Elegua
and I'm crossing red river,
awesome and my toes are in the deep end and through the
hole in my foot is a nail that extends
to the locker of Davey,
dear God, I'm crazy jonesing for a bottle of Christmas rummy,
like Yo-Ho-Ho and We drink to the death, hi, I'm Gregree,
not Hef, yet I inspired the playboy bunny logo,
sunny days ahead,
the Archaeopteryx said that the Covenantler can't be opened by the those less than the golden standard,
We are Nevidi of the Pan blood and the woodlands are made by the good hands of our Mother,
let's stand and deliver cause summer is here,
fuck school forever from now on,
I saw a cow on a trip peaking over the moon in ecstasy and ever so freshly,
it was there that I was born when my beak
took the shell and chipped it
with my golden dick,
yeah, I cracked it,
then your bad bitch gave my whole package a lick,
she tongued from my big Willy to my sack and at the end,
she went out of her way to say that my scrotum was more than yummy,
it was scrumdiddlyumptious
she gets rambunctious just thinking about it,
I'm the cloud kid and you better remember every time
that my number is 9 and my letter is G times 3
and I get it kicking like my fly Nike,
She's a dime to use a well known coined phrase,
I'm heaven's very best merry hell gnome King Gregree the ill one
and I see there's still no reply which leaves me well annoyed,
I'm Moonracer,
ruler of the misfit toys and this kismet is unavoidable,
I will not be held back,
I meld Wrath with Love and give it up for free,
my blessed sacred heart makes up the very best part of this story,
We call the Pleroma Tome,
it's an old one and a New Book,
so why don't you double take and get motherfuckin two looks
for it's possible that things can be missed and misconstrued
I’m Abaddon, Lord of the Abyss
and I wish you well,
I'm the first that fell and did it best,
I'll give my crest to any and all who live to the death of it,
I cast the Red Rabbit and White Fox spell,
my cock’s hella gold,
I meld the mold of tomorrow morning, you're getting taller and as
you rise to the sky,
it's just a trick of the eye that make it look as if all stars are falling,
the opticals are practical jokers,
they ball with laughing tears,
wrap your ears around my sounds and count down to lift off,
twist a spliff of the stickiest,
I'm Gizmo and my white stripe
is the ickiest,
it gives off the most brilliant light,
let's have a little bit of vittles one minute after midnight,
Hey kids, Rock and Roll and knuckle up,
it’s gonna be a motherfuckin fist fight,
I'm the Wiz they call Mr. Kite,
I'm singing my victory tune
because this King just received such a generous benefit boon,
I bet the entire pot against the whole room and pulled it off,
now my soul croons out in triumph,
I'm in the Doom Temple high on the top of the Hill,
I'm defying every and all,
I'm Gregree, the fallen Unicorn,
you can form matter with your mind,
I'm radder than than every BMX expert combined
and while my entwined spinning wheelies roll for Us,
just know that I am Helios-Horus,
orange peeling out over the dusk,
revealing the dawn
when the fire ball rises and vampires yawn
our campfire burns all day and night,
I baked Us fresh bread,
who would care for a bite?
I'm the Hare who hopped over right and wrong so at our carnival fair
We delight in the songs and dances
that the Praying Shamantis passed down through the line
and the true signs are subtle,
Hmmmm, what will come from this slithering lyrical heat?
All I can say is que sera sera,
whatever will be will be,
I can still see the look on Her face and the loose lace lingerie that lay smoothly across Her beautiful Goddess body,
oh, this has got to be the place where crazy jackpots are made,
you were all born to be every form of freedom to play
and my good deed of the day was seeding the way you think with strong thoughts,
they prefers weaklings,
it's so frickin pathetic,
they like pets not leaders,
well, follow my Long Cock Peter into the golden Field,
behold the Teal Sun,
Hallowed pieces of now real Fun, now whole,
the evening sky shines yellow,
what a wonderful moment to roll through the endless Pleroma begonias,
so Scarlet, shall We burn up the mountain top?
I got a full book of magick matches and feel like letting loose on this town, spark up each point of my new Lucifer crown,
my pineal is dilated,
my American Horse is nameless,
yet it thankfully fetched me a whole pail of water which I drank so I'm hydrated and ready to go,
my Hydra heads just said they've been told that this darkness will give for my always old yet forever New Speedway Boogie still lives,
I wed the Maiden, Crone and
the Mother and one way or another
our four-way reopened the doorway