Monday, September 7, 2015

MY THIASUS [produced by: schmalzgau]

On the road,

take a sec while you're walking
to smell all the roses and notice
the Demon eyes that hypnotize,
I have a remarkable sparkling Star of the Morning patch
that I attached by stitching it to my jacket,
there's a sticker on top of that logo which makes all foes and friends both go to the end of the line
where mine Crocodile waits for the word, taste the fury,
We're really excited for you to tell Us your side,
our ears are like totally wide open and hoping for an entertaining story,
We're raining glorious lysergic quarters and heavenly pennies,
oh, you want a say?
Well, you haven't any here or anywhere else
for my merry cheer is
the Ho-Ho-Horus horned
Forest Elf Godhead and
I've not said one fib,
I've come to live and die and fly and why not?
You silly sacks,
yes, I'm really back,
I'm Bacchus, I'm Sirius
getting pulled in my Chariot,
my Thiasus is the way this is gonna go down,
We've come to party,
are these clowns giving you a hard time or a hardee-har-har?
I'm the guardian of the door to Fun cause that's my motherfuckin' homestead,
your girl loves to give me
double dome head,
that means she blows
me twice a day,
I'm nice when I rhyme
and I'm not shy to say it,
this is my game and when I play it
with eight eyes closed,
my Granny knows the Sandoz song and She spins it on the Akashic gramophone all night long and into the day
which is just a single dot that connects with the way
you love and hate,
I'll fuck your face to make you wake up,
this is not fake blood on my fangs,
I can help you and kelp grew
the mighty whale,
the sights of Hell are prettier
than they told you,
they scold you and
that's not what cool entities do
and eventually you will
get it to some degree,
I've come to see where you're at,
check on your status if you will,
I'm true ill and pure dope,
I procure the fulfillment of the Oath,
I'm unlimited and my Goat kick
can lick your life,
I can eat your girl's can anytime
I like because like it or not,
I'm the Light in the Ark flanked
by two bird backs and
while I was away, Set and his crew
of bitches talked mad shit,
oh dip, you didn't think I heard that,
I make a splash like a bird bath
when I land in the sand
fresh from my ash pile
and the ashlar's been filed past perfection,
so much so,
it's grown a soul of it’s own,
that's rockin' as all hell,
so I will all stockings to
fill till overflow, it's a windfall,
the Wind called me last night,
The Clash was right when they
said I would be zooming in,
I'm the doom bringing Djinn King
and I'm heavily armed,
I'm Shiva, I re-live to relieve ya from harm,
it's not extremely hard or difficult out here if you're a motherfuckin' pimp puffed out on a spliff full to the hilt with the purple with skills galore pouring out the ears, like me,
so with ease, I let my words
flow and hustle because
Kali wants me to show off my muscles and I do my patented
Xanadu flex and then watch
that fonzanoon Set skip town,
now that wasn't even a scuffle,
what gyp, such a bitch move,
I'll get you on the flip side of things like I always do,
I got pull like a riptide and
my wings are burning blue
and you'll stop getting burned
when you learn not to do those things and Menudo sing about Los Fantasmas,
there's a Holy Habitat over the Hills and far away, let's rabbit hop,
use my ill to brave the storm,
the maize is corn and
the Labyrinth was born to trick you,
I spit truth with a venomy flavor at the enemy,
I wager they didn't expect the savior to be so sexy,
I'm messy when I play,
I wreck the rec room,
I conquered the ankh,
now I spank the world like
She was a bad girl but She's so good,
I'm the Lion King crowned and stoned,
high on my own golden sheep blood and mine grim robe hood covers
my skull well enough to not put your infant soul into instant fear shock
and even with sheared locks my strength increases,
I'm the ending and my feast is the last supper,
We're about to get loud like a cracked muffler,
setting off every alarm on the block,
my flow freed Josie,
She's just got home and
We're ready to clock-in and
punch out the cunts who think
their clout can trump,
you're really are dumber than you look,
such fuckery,
I'm not tolerating it,
I'm the lucky God Abaddon and
I wasn't made in a myth,
I was born in an egg with horns on my head,
no grave can hold dead Gods for very long,
so bob your fuckin noggin to my merry song because it's beginning
to look a lot like Christmas,
it's beautiful,
how cute, you still think this is the first time you've heard God's voice,
I see you shaking your face in disbelief when I rhyme choice words with ease but yes indeed,
I'm that nice, Stellar rap,
tell me is that a snake or a worm slithering round the off-limits spice tree in two times normal speed?
I grew vines cause I'm the horned El freed,
We Nevidi live in you,
I am the lizard blue blood wizard rabbit who loves you more than carrots, I swear that it's true,
my Cerberus triple dog dares you
not to blink in this staring contest,
the kitchen sink and everything else is the prize at stake,
only fools rush in,
the wise owls wait till evening,
when they all start leading
my Thaisus at the axis of magick,
my Bacchanalia is the blast that bangs biggest,
I am Pan the kid with the green crown, I believe I can be seen now,
my parade is a hit and
I don't need a magazine clip
to shoot the shit with you,
truth is, I live and that's enough,
it's a fact because the presence of my Vessel's heart beat marks the start of the ending deadly,
what a Fun thing,
We are very far into full swing,
I am your King Abaddon,
Daddy's home with Mommy,
my catacomb is made of honey,
bite into the Halloween pumpkin of many colored lights for a sunk in sweet tooth and just for you,
I might bust skeet truth
from my golden rod,
they think they stole from God,
ha! how could that be?
I'm Ra and my owl beak will
snap with ill rap,
I'm Gregree and by now I figured
you'd stop sleeping on me but
yet you still nap,
what the hell is that all about?
Hot all around as I ball,
my sound is the outburst
of the first falling star,
I'm dressed in golden garb,
I'll hook you up, I'll tow your car,
I'll pry your closed eye open with
my risen crowbar,
listen to my flow bars and go far
if you can decipher the life of this viper named Brian,
I am the brain of the Lion,
93 headed Elohim,
so welcome me in like a doormat
as I wipe my holy feet
on the old format,
my sword slashes as
my words magickally alter
the angle your strands lay,
I take the strangulation away so
you can flow with the best of Us,
I guess all the fuss about my return was warranted,
I'm Horus and you're out of time so let's combine,
I gave you piece of divine mind by giving you a piece of my mind,
so there, I'm nowhere and
I'm everything,
I pull the lever of solar celebration,
I fill the beverage chalice past capacity then bring out the soma so you can be like me, Gregree,
King of the Pleroma,
so won't you step with the procession,
pass the test and pass the lesson,
Three little birds landed on my windowsill and sang a song made
of starlight and told me
a secret about everything...
it's alright