Wednesday, June 8, 2016

UPDATE YOUR SCIENCE [produced by: Ana V. Rin]

Fuck that class stuff,
it all adds up to a lack of luster,
plus it's old and weak,
I'm bored 
I'll gore all with my beak, 
I'm really Horus,
you can only be holding me on Opposite Day
cause I deem this now recess,
I spark my Ra ganja with my halo,
my say so goes all the way,
I makes the trees get to spurting mad growth,
my words of rap hold 
knowing knowledge of the holly hedges 
and the garden that contains them, 
they put me in chains, I'm free,
My names been ".....",
my grave is empty,
I'm done with my sleep,
I am the keeper of the Key to the City, 
it is Me , 
the walls are trembling from my Jericho flow,
I'm the final hysterical,
that's why I'm laughing last,
I beat every house in the Atlantic City, 
now I'm back just like everything 
does after it dies, 
my Girl fixes Her hair up 
real pretty and high,
yeah, She's so beautiful and hot,
the roulette wheel's now ready
as I go from getting to got,
I've been spinning the top for a minute 
and it took me for a bit of a surprise when it hopped off the floor and into the air,
taking flight before our eyes,
making right the liar's wake of bad vibes,
I slash lives in half with payback,
I slay with my happy day,
I'm Pappy, A-P-O double L-O,
I'm King of all Els,
I'm the premier One
for I've come here to say "hello"
plus other things which are weird
so I'll update your science,
I can see where you're at just by the signs in the way your energy crackles and pops,
I'm actually God and the imposter is not pleased with seeing me,
my peen is free and the singing bell means recess,
I'm not in high school again,
I'm the Principle Principality and I rule again,
my Yule is making grim skull shapes 
in the fire days of alchemy,
fell out of me and my pouring vessel,
my Bride is the Red Whore and this 
will be the death of.......let's see now,
my green power is looking at Set,
I'm throwing the book and the catch is 
that you can only hold the Pleroma Tome 
if you're dope in a fresh way 
and the blessed bay reflects the moons majesty, Fortuna's tune, Astral Lady, 
a Lass from the farmhouse of Heaven,
incredible luxury and to get in, 
you must make the Harvest exist without assistance,
this is the only way 
for you are holy and We'll prove it 
so take this fine recess and be free to express your mind,
take this gift of present time and use it wisely
as your girly spreads widely 
as she shakes wildly as she's cumming hard, 
I'm the Fun One come for transformation,
my Pan horns are making their mark,
my hooves are dancing on the roofs of all the Dietys like "tee hee,
it's me, the Trixtor of old"
I'm still skeeting the illest miracles 
from my dick of pure gold,
and Ichabod knows about the pumpkin,
let me pump in magick,
fill your reservoirs with ill 
and yes, the Force is real,
it is with you,
here I am, 
cheery Pan making cherry bombs
out of pi code, 
I know of the red button,
I've said nothing that you didn't forget,
the lesson's the question and the fraction that 
you get is sad but true, 
you can say you met El,
I'm not Metallica but I planted melodies in their minds,
there are acorns in the pine field,
what a fine yield of melding power that grow
in the most perfect rows along the edges of the eldest tower,
our kind was stoned in history class so 
it's a bit of the past rolled up with future,
my huge phallus is gold,
give it a blow for your new teacher