Friday, July 1, 2016

GARMENTS [produced by: Chuck Monroe]

All is well, all is right, 
Ball of light fell into star garments to start the performance of souls so delight 
as things begin
and my wings 
extend above my 
Ringed Clovered head
I'm the King, get Over it,
The rover's red and singing blue notes
I'm bringing you clothes 
made of amore,
I'm the savior and our armor is made of Love,
 I'm Her star child,
my card’s wild so read it and weep,
I'm undefeatable so keep your voice down 
I'm the choice clown, so Sirius, 
you're like "am I hearing this correctly?”, 
I'm like "yes", 
my penis is erect and nearing you girly's perfect 
v-a-g-i-n-a, I am he who said I'm-a find a way out 
and found it, I'm the crowned kid 
and I am lovable, I'll love all to death and back
my treasure chest is packed 
with every kind of pleasure,
more than any mind could measure,
no calculator can track the path of my alchemy,
I am Vader-Luke 
and the bell just tolled 
because I made my move into the open,
paid the sacred token at the booth,
I'm the olden youth
and I'm clearly the flyest, 
you can hear silence,
it's weird but I meant many things
when I said one, all true, 
I will pick up every soul,
I will exalt you,
trip out and look at the visuals,
I've written a book to give you all 
a gift, a lift up,
the cliff loves when you leap over it willfully
and with gusto and if you must know,
I'm the Distant One so close you can taste my jizzum cum, isn't this fun?
I wanted you to know that I saved a space 
for you all at Ahwahnee's Hotel Dinner Hall Independence Banquet,
I am him, Pan the kid,
All spirits yield to me as I wield my D, 
spearheading the Golden Age, 
my pine cone clout is the miracle you deserve, 
time to zone out to view the psychedelia, 
I like it so I'm telling ya what I please,
I cut Set off at the knees and laugh about it in his face,
I win with grace and class 
so get a good taste of my ass, 
I ask no one, I tell you,
I fell through the cube in the clouds,
now you can be sound and matter, 
I wound up the pattern of the frequency which 
is frequently what I do for Fun,
I am truly the Sun King Horus,
my sword is the double-edged,
my penis has a single dome 
but my Phoenix has a double head,
I double wed my Mother and Her Daughter-Self,
Water Elf, Ocean Nymphs,
Double lighting bolt on the tip
of the Tower which is my penis cock,
divinely clothed in the finest gold 
and mine is the most outstanding 
and like ZZ Top sang, 
"every girl’s crazy about sharp dressed man",
these words are the crazy art of blessed Pan,
the Horned God,
I know I am and you’re not till We say so 
and the way you glow tells of your level,
I am God, my amazing cloak is made up of every Angel and Devil,
terms made golden at the oval table,
the global grave will swallow the herds 
but my hallow words with their ill taste 
will make the World regurgitate the sovereign,
I'm God and I'm in a happy mood,
I'm Pappy, Rude Boy,
so polite, my pole of light which has been boning 
and piping your dimes vagina till she cums for some time now,
I'm the Fun Sunshine Owl of magick cast after midnight,
I live right under your noses,
the coast, is clear,
the Ghost is deer-headed and my antlers are spears 
to make Set dead, there I said it,
We are killers of each other,
I'm the protector of my Peach Mother,
I see colors of victory in the auburn sky, 
Her orange eyes call me Julius-Augustus, 
She's Julia, feel the lust heat swell,
sea shell optical and audio, 
my cock is gold and it brought you all into existence,
I'm in you so your visions are seen by all others and 
your dream girl is covered by the jizzum pearls from my peen, 
this rap is filthy and if you don't laugh, you're guilty of being wack, 
I take my star key and scratch a big ole ringo mark into 
 the door of Set’s parked car just to anger the driver, 
I'm the Burning Son,
let me turn you on
for I'm Gregree Pan,
the green dead man and 
I'm El and I'm loose and to tell you the truth,
I've never felt more aliver