Sunday, June 11, 2017

MIDNIGHT RAMBLE [produced by: K.i.LL.A. (Pno)]

Under the blood moon of the Midnight Ramble,
the Cat plays the fiddle down in Atlanta Georgia,
orange ball of Fun, 
I'm the old fallen Sun born a-new into blooming gorgeous gardens,
do you see I grew them all to be a bouquet for my Wife,
aren't they nice?
so beautiful, like Her,
the bright words spin around the Barn House,
where those Animals are all awake and stirring like a cup joe, what up yo?
Let's dance, let's fly,
the whole Gang's here and I spy with my eye
Eternia and my personal Sorceress,
the churning star is a silver pool looking glass painted Black like that Stones song,
my bone's gone and become a Legend again,
let me dig out the world,
She lives for it, I'm the Love El King,
allow my shovel to sink in and plow the fields 
until my vixen whore Mother more reveals 
me as the Led Zeppelin IV cover, 
the other beasts are now rambling, 
the candle in the wind is me,
Pan, the Grand Old Djinn, 
now wild ones surround,
I'm the child Sun King older than soil,
now all gather round my lit Yule log,
I'm the risen Lizard of dope, 
listen to the croak 
of the Bullfrog go "doh doh doh doh"
bass-line dance, yee haw,
the scale of sound is all up and down like a see saw,
We brought you here in a seed packet and the degree to which you get that into the skull,
the splinter will fall from the jewel in your crown so holy, yo, why don't We sing a round of "row row row your boat gently down the stream",
merrily merrily merrily merrily 
listen to Jerry G and be grateful,
We don't need you to be faithful just have Fun, damn it 
I am Santa and I can mount and slam your ho ho ho in her hole,
her o pops and she cries  "oooh....Popeye",
I'll pour the oil of olives on all of the Godheads I find here,
I'm the blind Hare but I see Easter just fine,
it's clear like the Crystal Ship,
the matrix is trying to trick me again, fat chance,  
I'm Slim Willy and that villain Set looks silly cause that bitch don't know how to follow my lead and can't do the steps the Bat dance Watusi,
I'm-a fuck your girly's pussy like chicka chicka wah wah,
Shimmy shimmy y'all, shimmy yeah, shimmy yay,
she shimmies on my jimmy all day and then
she gives me dome till the cows come home drunk on home made egg and grog,
oh my god, is that strange?
Fuck it, now suck and lick your own nipple,
give your self a hand but don't be a jerk off or a whack fuck cause this land is 
the land of Abraxas,
I am cock of the walk,
this barnyard star is carved into our 
outhouse door, 
step in for it's not a shitter,
it's a river portal to the dark side of the crescent,
I am seven triple times,
these ripple lines are 
from mine sonic wings,
I am the Monarch King,
I am Her bringer of good things,
my wood sings and speaks
and you could hear if you knew the technique, 
show respect to my beak's ramblings,
I'm the Teach and I handles things
like it's nothing cause it isn't,
yes, I'm on a mission
and it's to get lifted on this spliff,
it's the purplest sess,
I'm the Circle Jester and my name
is Abraxas the blessed,
I've been invested with what I already had and became what I was,
I am the Green man Gregree,
three cherry jackpots but not red blood alone,
helix of blue streak streams the new creek uncrippling as it bands with the dead ripple and the moan under the stars from our Cat's fiddle cuts through and fucks you so good,
I'm miraculous luck incarnate,
ornate ankhs on the tips of six of my wings,
oh they didn't think that my magickal Dracula style would come back as the child,
I am Horus the conquering King,
Super Nova Cobra Hood,
let's get this over with and close the fucking door,
I am Thor thumbing my hammer on the buckled boards until I flatten it back to the way it was, hey, let's stay buzzed and get 
on the dance floor,
it's called the Earth,
it's all for Her hand,
much more than a crush,
I am Pan Horus,
And the angle at which 
the door rest open needs to be precise and it is,
I'm alive and my kids are me,
I adore you so look into my eyes, 
I bet you'll find me more 
than truly charming,
I am the new Charlie Brown 
and my crowned cock's like a rock and 
not a roll named Charmin
so you are free to squeeze it and jerk it,
I'll make sure to squirt it 
on the short circuit because 
my fallen jizz is the tall order,
I'm all other Gods 
as well as myself,
there's a well behind the Barn 
with a golden bell and bucket hanging clear to.... fuck if I know or maybe I do,
don't ask me,
I'm blasted on mad trees,
it's the true so I'm just too high to tell 
but your girly's fly as hell,
that hot honey said I look a lot like money all bank in my tank top puffing dank pot,
so I wax poetic as your bad bitch gives my pole head it's so winning as she's licking my phallus till I cum,
We are the Champions 
like Mother McCree's Uptown Jugs,
I am God and I skeet all my jizzum into the clay,
We made your bodies 
form from physical-etherial, 
the fetal position, how neat-o you're living 
cause I'm the shit like fecal emissions,
I speak all this hissing magick,
now listen fast then repeat it slow
so the wheat can grow 
and the peak of gnosis is knowing this is 
all a game of Will,
I'm insanely ill, crazy sick with my amazing dick,
behold the golden stiffy and the roles of this play are supporting me, Horus the King, 
what a ridiculous drama,
Abaddon is my name and coursing 
through my veins is the lesson 
and the cane can give a jolt to the blood,
better halt in the name of Love, 
it's not difficult, just stop the wack shit 
and We'll invite you to dance with my Thiasus 
Midnight Ramble,
I am Pan the risen God, I am Bacchus,
got your girl on my mattress, 
she's giving head to my bed-knob and 
then I fucked your boo with a witches broom dipped in bitches brew,
to each their own,
some animals eat their own then make 
more with the skeeting bone,
I speak in code to the Trees and the tones 
are visions,
this the vicious discourse of Horus,
be sure I'm gonna say more,
look, We call the whole human race "Dolores" because you're all clay born