Sunday, June 11, 2017

TAKE OUT [produced by: Karl Studios]

I'm the Sunny Clown,
I'm funny how?
Ill tell ya see,
I'm ridiculously sick,
laugh yourself to death,
get the forceps,
Hey Set, it's me Horus which means
I'm God and your not,
your running mouth is like a faucet, 
dribbling drivel,
that's a hell of a lot of pussy shit, 
So I guess you know We gotta go and 
colonic your twat you ho,
I'm flyer than a UFO and you all combined,
I'm the Yule old timer youngster,
I've come for your sol's advancement 
and my lance gets your girls pants wet 
when I'm near cause she knows I'm gonna spear her the way she likes it and she likes that,
when I nail it,
hell yeah, I smash it good with my wood, I hit it like I'm Babe Ruth at the plate with spiked bat,
they try to get me psyched out but 
fact is I win every round,
they say "ain't it crazy for a hayseed",
I fight back in the dark night with a not very tiny yet finally found seething needle
made of bright light,
better bail like Christian,
merry jokes I tell were very well written in Arkham Asylum, I am him,
Ra plop, God shit,
I've started the Archaeopteryx's heart beat and 
It marked me,
I'm the Harlequin Jester,
Quinn the Eskimo, Trickster,
peep my reaping grim,
I'm best of all and more is coming,
just ask my bad ass Sister,
I'm the Sun King, 
I'm the one thing many came off of,
yes, I'm Gregree, I flow so fresh so clean, outcast star going hard on those fuckin soft scrubs,
hey Set, my power blast can outlast yours in a figure 8, 
tell me, how's my jizzum taste?
Eat a whole load of my skeet you lousy twat,
I made sure the flavor was personally 
soaked in bleach, doused in mud,
Her ghost in a peach 
and because of me,
my Mother never runs out of Love, 
She said "come as you are"
so I came as the star-child,
I came far to the take the tiled slate and 
wipe it clean like it's a face with Stridex,
I'm high above every Rex and if you're married to a bad bitch, then your wife is my ex,
if you're perplexed then your weren't listening, I'm the risen King Devil, 
I get all the ill Na Na for I'm  Innana's darling crowned Sprite,
hi, it's me again,
I'm Charlie Brown,
so high on trees I could eat a kite
and finally Calvin's running around the track to escape getting attacked by his bike,
time to fight back,
I'm the night bat made of light,
I'm the Royal King and my boiling Angel blood is cool sizzling Christmas Yule Log 
and this is a rare gift,
would you believe Eve was made from 
a spare rib?
Now that's good take out or is it a good fake out?
Go figure, the myth lives to be weird 
So Lilith and I make out before She blows me like a pop stands,
I'm God Pan from the land where they said I'd never break out of,
baked in a  cloud from a violet spliff, this is it,
let's get lifted like a barbell for this is the part where We melt all the cold as Carvel hearts,
our Carnival starts at high noon,
Hi Nuit, I loving Your poon,
I'm the Doom Watcher who hatched from the egg wrapped in star drapes,
Our way is to the tops,
my name is "your Pops",
may the red rain drop