Thursday, June 21, 2018

AS A KING [produced by: DJ McGuire]

I gave fame to Faust,
got game like joust,
hot flames can roast the small fries,
all eyes on my ambitions of a rider on a pale horse,
I drank cider out of the grail,
parched I was,
the darkest flood of bright ideas,
make some toys with joy,
ignite the cheer in the heart of humankind,
if you’re smart then you and I can get stupid fly,
have Fun, see eye to eye,
under the sea, my Chulthu tribe thrives,
truth of my arrival was waited on with baited breath,
my locks are angel hair, 
I’m God and if you ain't aware,
my name is Death

Crest of the skeleton is lovely,
chest of the pelican is bloody,
spoke the solemn phrases, 
got your girl to beg for my dick,
I Covered her eggs like hollandaise,
sacred benediction,
ancient resurrection,
page from the section of the Grimoire gives more context, 
foreign objects are flying unidentified 
and the Enterprise is a ship made of stars,
I've ripped through the bars,
I'm Osiris the pirate,
I swashbuckle that ass in a flash, 
unlocking the past, 
forging the future with words in a cube sphere 

I take pride as a King,
in the sky is a ring a fire,
your girl slides on my thing,
I hear a familiar voice
fill the void with vril and oye vey, 
toys play on their own like possessed puppets, 
Set jealously covets my illness,
the realness is undeniable,
you feel this, I'm fly as hell
and sicker than a severe case of deadly whooping cough,
style’s so sharp, words sever the face off your head 
and then I'm ripping it off your body,
not kidding, I'm God and We are bored with you all,
seen the future my friends and again you’re off the ball