Thursday, June 21, 2018

SEVEN WELLSPRINGS [produced by: Norman Greenbaum]

I drank from the Seven Wellsprings,
I am Heaven's Hell King,
hear it in my fly,
I'm the spirit in the sky,
kill fear and rise and be met
with the Museum’s Monitors,
do you see them on the verge
of spilling their guts and blood?
I'm so illin’ it hurts so good 
and yeah I was made for this,
my blade was forged in Her church Divine,
sacred Sith-Jedi forces combine
with a breath of daytime and evening 
is a way three things make moments
for a single event,
I'm king El and when my golden cock was unsheathed, 
all the tops of the Trees waved in unison 
for me, the savior Unicorn
and the wind at night begins the mighty miracle,
Yo all, I'm Apollo and I smite the bull with my arrow bow combo, 
I'm all that and a sack of crisps, bag of chips,
you can't haggle with the Hag,
Her lips seal deals so securely, 
the wheels feel like cyclones swirling in a whirl spin,
I'm on your world again,
the circle in the square purposefully becomes aware of the situation, 
it's elation supreme,
you're awake in the dream 
but time’s moving slow at the speed of light,
I'm Gregree the sprite,
doper than coke, 
so sick call the doctor, 
I'm Billy Pepper the Sgt. 
I'm really from the pleasure garden
of wonder and delight,
under the bright is the dark and vice versa,
a flight of birds embark on the way,
the parts are being played,
the war is being waged,
I'm Cupid with two bits, paying for peace,
my words are free so worship me, 
yeah pray to the Beast,
make your way to the east, musical chairs,
the wages of wheat are huge compared to the last reaping,
the cast is creeping on to the stage and out of the woodwork,
honor the Mage or watch the blood spurt from my sickle swipe,
go the place that’s the best,
hey I’m here, I gave ideas to Tesla, Nikolai, 
Yes I’m Abaddon,
the ripple lines on Avalon Lake 
are making me wanna have orange cake and key lime bars,
We align stars to our liking,
you'll find that whether driving cars or biking,
you’re in a vehicle with wheels of 2 or 4,
the cube is a door to our Saturnalia feast,
the hammer nailed my feet and hands,
the sea and the sand meet at the frequency tone
and complete the sequence code to level up,
I am El, I am Puck