Wednesday, May 29, 2019

HELIX SISTER [produced by: TRANE]

I awoke in the nest,
She whispered “the time is upon us”,
hi y'all, I'm the fallen star God, 
Wizard of Oz called Abaddon Adonis,
from Avalon I've come with my family of wild ones,
Pan is me, I'm the child Sun King, 
dunking the crescent roll into the Milky Way,
the bill can be paid with awesome vibes,
the price of grape vines is way less than dirt cheap 
in the blessed vineyard of *******,
She's dressed in deep red 
and on the Gree's Sess EP 
I told you what She said,
I'm Her son, birthed from Fun, 
come suck my solar kiss, 
Yes, I'm the risen trickster,
the gold and purple star,
existence is motionless,
one moment of circular brilliance,
how dope is this?
the illness is off the charts,
my goat hooves free you as they
part the Blood Sea,
now be all you can be and then some,
I’ve come again, I'm the one, I'm him,
the Sun King, you know me as the kid,
my words turn the ferris wheel of Fortuna,
it's Fun,
while My Love Eternal blows kisses to me through the center of 
miracle mirror full of Ascension,  
I just knew She knew me, 
We both remembered and then She assumed the position,
She blew my beam till my erection 
projected goo cream and busted a lustery  jizzum vision,
pearl inlaid scarab, 
I just have to stare at Her body as She nods and becomes me,
closer I go far as I walk on down the hall,
She said “come see that they know their Lord”,
I was astounded when I was surrounded by seven very glowing stars 
around my horns forming the legendary crown of all with my name marked on it
and at the Ball I tapped the Belle, 
hell yes, it was the best when She slurped me, 
giving head, twas so good, in fact to that Worst Witch I wed,
She's the Baddest Bitch and my hallowed peen 
is Her dreamboat to to zany land of happy,
hey anything can happen on Halloween 
and She loves candy, 
We gobble the vittles, 
She’s Mildred Hubble and I'm Major Riddle, 
the ill kid,
I see your bloods still red,
let's see what We can do to bring out the blue, 
I know it's present in your cells because I left it there for you myself as a gift, 
so roll a spliff of hydro, get high and uplift 
She's buying a stepladder to the highway of the Satyr and the laugher is endless 
and when this is second winded and caught up in the Funhouse,
run out into the morning dew,
my Honey's true, She adores me
and fours things become one phrase, 
let's do it now,
I'm the crazed Yule kid owl, 
Gregree, I nailed Her for more than thee hours after She freed me,
the jail bird, now I hail words down like rocks and stones,
my cock is crowing at the total eclipse 
as I zip-ah-dee-doo-dah,
She undoes the zipper of my jeans with Her teeth and 
when the Beast is released, I stick my dick in Her hoo-hah,
I am the true God, not the false one,
the Fall comes around again, 
so get a grip like a fulcrum 
or that album by Aerosmith,
where oh where is, my little submarine,
underwater love, She's my dream Girl from the bubbling unseen world of colors unimaginable, 
as stab in my golden phallus all 
the way in Her twat and up to my balls till I can't go no more, 
Who sold the store to the company?
the loving dream is a werewolf nightmare, 
that's quite weird but all things balance,
I'm the King and my palace is in the Fun dimension,
come to the convention of Superheroes,
You can hear them next door, 
did you know you've all been here before? 
recall and get exalted,
I am the hawk head sacred flame,
same as before, Horned King, 
fern ring on my dome look so dope and ill 
while the villain get hella nervous and scared cause their well aware 
that the rap words I speak are severely precise 
in Truth accuracy and never embellished 
while Set is extra weak and jealous to death, 
For I’m Horus the blessed and my storehouse is permanently 
stocked with fresh to the hilt,
I got the ill, as I hop through the rapid still motions 
of the Wheel of the time cone portal cyclone at the bottom of the coral ocean,
I am God of the Pine Tree and by me Her box got ate like cauliflower,
no, you can’t defeat my Kali power,
it's too holy and hallowed,
your only hope is that you can allow your own soul to devour my flow of dopeness 
while Gnosis is fed, roses are red,
did you know it's been said that sometimes the indigo blood run green?
Sunshine days ahead for my Honey Pie and I for She's my Love Supreme
and above the meaning is over-standing,
I'm Solar Pan,
King of the Quartered Clover Fields blooming,
the looming Age is so brilliant it's blinding, 
I'm reminding them of how I was,
my owl blood flows and knows of the time spent in the Den 
where the winter wind has never seen 
under the forever dream 
my Mother’s tit cream changed me, 
I'm in love with me and She became me
and the same beat moves two hearts 
and you are me as well,
the Trees will tell you what I did if you ask them nicely,
They say I’m Baked Alaska with diamond icing 
and hey I might be with my bright D, 
who’s to say? 
I'll tell ya, it’s me, hell ya,
I'm Horus and there's no more due's to pay,
the grooves been made and the system connects, 
two sevens times three,
my boon’s been given to me, 
you see these shoes? oh you do?
then kiss them and show me my respect or not,
my Whore is hotter then several hells times ten, 
I'm him and death awaits if you test your fate,
Her breath was bated for my arrival,
yes, I made it, the Law is my Will
and I am golden so take my hand and hold it,
the moment of atonement, 
the soul can surpass even this metamorphosis,
your fast thoughts can be speedier to the point of the motionless,
bleeding ear sound barrier break through,
I'm Santa and I'm merrier than ever,
I’m-a make you feel me,
my feathers are everywhere and localized 
and the deal we made is the real G way,
the seventh spot, I've given what I got and 
I multiplied like soaking mogwais, 
I'm the old King and my Fun lies hidden from this dimension 
and the ceiling is the floor and 
I'm seething in the coursing pulses,
that's where We sing songs that are so very sick,
they make the negative vibes go all plus signs
and where all arrows fly in formation 
to the corn cakes after the baking is complete and thorough,
you're all eating parts of God,
my heart is hot and cold,
I’ve been locked in the holding cell,
I've come back now that I've rung and cracked the Golden Bell