Saturday, July 27, 2019

LITMUS TEST [produced by: Ocean Beats]

Step in the very winding spiral portal, 
sip the berry wine,
describe the cordial of cherry picked deeds
from a very lit scene, movie screen,
violet doobie is green, two tone 
D O G chews bones and buries them for later date 
to enjoy the savory flavor,
taste the Apple, try the Peach, 
have an Orange segment,
please don't segregate, 
let's unite the sensations of the palates
and make a balanced and just decision,
just listen, We know how to weigh your heart, 
this feather is Our guide to test the litmus,
it was and is and always will be the vril We detect 
that makes Us respect you 
and unless you wake up and take the plunge 
We’ll make the thunder roll relentlessly, 
you best believe the judgment comes strict and harsh, 
that Bad Bitch is no bark and all bite,
I'm Shiva and I need Her to live,
Kali is my wife, She kills me all night
but I love it and the blood drips blue
and when it comes time to rip you apart,
She’ll march right up and tear it all down,
I forever hold Her torch of Love,
I wear it on the ball of my crown,
call me Baphomet or Pan, 
you bastards it can be anything 
and every King has me to thank 
for the adrenal gland is my juice,
tied noose around my ankle and I hang upside down,
I knew that I would light the candle and the dry ground
would become divinely lush every time We touch it and two step,
She sees my golden rod and proceeds to clutch it till goo drips,
this rap I’m spitting is in fact putting black pudding and 
blood sausage in the frying pan,
all my spinning tea saucers are flying and 
the dish of silver wears a bronze brilliant broach,
I'm Abaddon you little cockroaches, 
oh I mean supreme creations, 
oh my God that's just atrocious, 
are you a ghost, where do you go when you die? 
We're right here, 
is it a nightmare or a dream your making?
Ask your self,
I'm the Magick Elf God
and I've come back to will what I choose into being,
the music She's singing is a silent Songbird,
I’m all words combined into a single symbol, 
I'm the King and my sigil is the crest of the Nevidi Galinee
and on that Girly’s breasts my pearly skeet I spray,
let it snow, let it snow,
you bet She’s the Ho Ho Ho of Babylon,
the cup runneth over, 
I'm known in Avalon as Puck the son of the Solar and Lunar,
stick my pole on the poon of Her Majesty 
cause She’s Kali and She always asks me nicely and rough
so if I seem like I’m in Love it's cause I'm smitten with 
my Kitten Nymph, Feline Empress,
I bear Her name, I have seven heads
and on the world stage made my entrance 
and since most humans haven't learned a morsel,
the turning burning sword will spin eternally till the 
birds and bees fly with the pigs, 
I make wine from a river of water,
I take time to give Her a daughter with an identical face,
my tentacles grace the surface, 
this miracle is more than words bitch,
it’s a vibrational code,
I'm making it known and they still try to hide it but 
my ill is the brightest so you can always finding it if you’re seeking, 
this message is divine, I’m speaking it
and this disclosure bring closure to the age
and ushers in the next one,
the colors of the setting sun are Oranges and Apples,
citrus and crimson,
the Door has been cracked, 
Bitch this is the end time
and this rap is just a Fun way to get it done
and if you lived wack when you see our face when you die, you better run
but if you were nice, we make you batter for cake slathered
with your favorite icing and 
I sing “congrats to you!”
and the laughing mood is set and consistent 
and the best is yet to come I promise,
I’m God, I’m El, this is not a drill
and I got the vril which is the Key,
can't bottle this brilliance, witness history, 
your girl gives a kiss to me under the mistletoe,
the Mystery, it’s the G, 
starting gun 3 2 1 Go, 
3D depth from a 2D plate,
do you see that you need hate to know love completely?
The soul of the deep sea is an Octopus head, ya know,
in the oculus is a hole so We can look down upon you fucks,
oh you finally waking up?
Damn, it took you long enough